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  1. Irene says

    Hi, Ashley, let me just say that I love all your recipes and I have already tried many of them. You are a wonderful cook!!! But recently I noticed that in the instructions you are including, point by point, pictures of how to do it, which show the constantly flashing and changing images of the process (like in today’s Chikar Cholay, for example). Is there any way to stop these images flashing like that while I read the instructions? It’s really hard on the eyes. Can I just have plain instructions like before?…Sorry for the strange request :).

  2. Mabel Sequeira says

    Hello Ashley,
    I plan on making butter chicken using your recipe. However, I have red bell peppers instead of green. Can I use red bell peppers or will that change the flavor?

  3. Maya Aras says

    You have so many great recipes! I would be interested in knowing the top 10 or 15 most popular recipes on your site. Just in case I’m missing some good ones. Our family favorites are your instapot Chicken Biryani, instapot Butter Chicken, Instapot Coconut Chicken Curry, instapot Beef and Coconut slices.

  4. Harinder Grewall says

    Hi Ashley, really loving cooking your recipe and they are hot with family. Today I tried to cook lamb rogan josh but it is giving burn warning again & again. Any idea why?
    Tried to look for answers on your website but no luck.
    Many thanks
    Lots of love

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