Instant Pot Lauki Burfi or Lauki Halwa


Lauki burfi just got a million times easier to make…

instant pot lauki burfi

What is Lauki Burfi?

Lauki burfi is an Indian fudge made using bottle gourd, a very popular Indian vegetable. I actually shared a Lauki Dal recipe on the blog not long ago. Today though, we’re using it in dessert!

My recipe for lauki burfi calls for just a few ingredients: bottle gourd, sugar, powdered milk, ghee, and cardamom. This type of fudge typically calls for green food coloring, but we’re topping it with green pistachios instead!

(You can also top with green pumpkin seeds if nut-free! I’ve done this and it’s both pretty and delicious!)

instant pot lauki burfi

The way I make this burfi is a bit unusual but you’re going to have to trust me. I don’t add any water to the instant pot when I make this…

instant pot lauki burfi

But Ashley… What Do you Mean Don’t Add Water?!

I know… but really, no water. And yes, I also know that’s against instant pot’s rules. But rules are meant to be broken (also: thank goodness my children can’t read yet).

When I first started testing this recipe, I did add water to the pot along with sugar and lauki and even though the recipe was great, it all just took forever to make because I had to boil off a lot of water at the end. I knew I needed to find a faster/easier way before sharing this recipe with you.

I finally realized that lauki releases a lot of water as it cooks and so there’s actually no need for additional water. I’ve made this burfi many times without adding any water and my instant pot hasn’t given me any trouble with coming to pressure. That said, if you find that your pot isn’t coming to pressure then feel free to add a tablespoon or two of water if you must.

instant pot lauki burfi

Why Make This in an Instant Pot?

Because it’s much easier. This really is the fastest way to make lauki burfi.

Traditionally, this type of burfi takes forever to make. There’s a lot of standing by the stovetop and stirring involved. I just don’t have that kind of patience. That said, there’s still some stirring required – but much less!

By pressure cooking sugar with lauki, we’re simultaneously cooking the lauki while also making a sugar syrup, which (along with ghee and powdered milk) will help hold the burfi together as it cools.

After cooking the lauki and sugar, you just add ghee, milk powder (I like this brand), and cardamom to the pot and stir until all of the liquid dries up. Pour the mixture into a greased pan, top with pista, and let it set. Cut into bars and serve!

(This recipe makes 16, 2″x2″, bars. Somehow 4 of the bars went “missing” from this batch before I could photograph them… we have yet to find them. 🤷🏽‍♀️)

instant pot lauki burfi
instant pot lauki burfi

Lauki Burfi Ingredients:

  • Lauki: You can find bottle gourd at your local Indian grocery store. To prepare lauki, you first need to peel it. And for this recipe, you’ll want to completely remove the spongy middle and all of the seeds. It’ll seem like you’re getting rid of quite a bit of the lauki but don’t worry, you’re doing it right. I use 4 cups of shredded lauki to make this burfi (use a food processor to shred!) which is usually around two small bottle gourds. It’s fine if you use a little more or a little less lauki in the recipe. Just keep in mind that the more lauki you use, the more water you’ll need to boil off at the end.
  • Sugar: I use organic cane sugar.
  • Ghee
  • Dry Milk Powder: I typically use this organic dry milk powder but any brand will work. You can usually find the Nido brand at most Indian grocery stores.
  • Cardamom: you can use freshly ground or already ground cardamom. I’ve done both and it’s great either way.
  • Pistachios (or Pumpkin Seeds if nut-free): You don’t have to use pistachios but I love the color and the texture they add. When you buy lauki burfi in stores, it’s always bright green but I don’t like using food coloring. I love the natural green color that pista adds to the burfi. Also, pistachios are (obviously) the tastiest nut ever (cashews are a close second and peanuts are a legume so they’re not part of this made up competition).

Can I Use Less Sugar or Ghee?

You can make slight adjustments to this recipe and it’ll turn out fine, however, I would not recommend drastically reducing the amount of sugar or ghee in this recipe as they help hold the burfi together.

Can I Make Lauki Halwa?

If you do want to make a “light version” then you’re better off making lauki halwa (pudding). If you make halwa, you can adjust the sugar and ghee to your preference.

To make lauki halwa, just stop after step 4 (see recipe below), garnish with nuts, and serve warm in a bowl. You can adjust the sugar and ghee to your taste (or leave it as is).

instant pot lauki burfi

I hope you love this lauki burfi. It’s great any time of the year but I do especially love its festive green color for the holidays! 🎄

instant pot lauki burfi

Instant Pot Lauki Burfi or Lauki Halwa

instant pot lauki burfi

Instant Pot Lauki Burfi or Lauki Halwa

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Servings 16 squares
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian


  • 1 cup – 1 ¼ cups sugar
  • 4 -5 cups freshly grated lauki peeled and soft middle/seeds removed (anywhere from 500-650 grams)

Add Later:

  • ½ cup ghee
  • 1 cup dry milk powder I use this brand
  • ½ teaspoon ground cardamom
  • ½ cup chopped pistachios I prefer raw pistachios because they are more green in color than roasted OR ¼ cup pumpkin seeds (if nut-free)


  • Spread the sugar on the bottom of the pot. Spread freshly grated lauki on top of the sugar. Do not mix.
  • Secure lid, close pressure valve and cook for 5 minutes at high pressure.
  • Quick release pressure.
  • Press sauté and adjust the heat to the highest setting, then add ghee, milk powder and cardamom and mix well. Let the mixture boil for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. If you are making halwa, you can stop here – otherwise, for burfi continue to the next step.
  • Continue to let it simmer for another 5 to 7 minutes, stirring more frequently until the mixture dries and you see some ghee coming out of the sides (the amount of time varies depending on the lauki’s water content).
  • Pour the lauki mixture into a well greased plate/pan (I use an 8×8 glass pan) and sprinkle with chopped pistachios or pumpkin seeds.
  • Let it cool, then put it in the fridge overnight or until set.
  • Slice and serve.


  • I use 2 small/medium lauki to make this and it gives me 4-5 cups of shredded lauki.
  • Lauki burfi typically calls for green food coloring. Instead, I top the burfi with raw green pistachios or green pumpkin seeds to give it a natural green color.
  • I use a food processor to shred the lauki.
  • If you want to make a “lighter version” of this, you can make lauki halwa (pudding) instead. You can do this by adjusting sugar and ghee to taste. Just follow this recipe and stop after step 4, garnish with nuts and serve warm in a bowl.
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instant pot lauki burfi

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  1. Jay says

    Made lauki barfi for the first time following your recipe. Turned out to be pretty good. It is a bit harder to make because 4 – 5 cups of shredded lauki is not as precise and as such the amount of sugar to be added is also a variable. This is an excellent dessert out of a vegetable that I have hated all my life. Thanks.

    • Ashley - My Heart Beets says

      Hi Jay, that’s great – happy to hear it turned out well! Next time, if you want – you can always weigh it out – I try to include measurements for those who prefer to be more precise. Glad you still liked it though!

  2. Moulikta says

    5 stars
    Amazing lauki halva. But it is a crime Ashley! I can’t stop eating💕💕🤔I would reduce sugar as I am diabetic.I love all your recipies. They are always perfect for my taste. Thanks a bunch

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