The Best Thing I Ever Made


I have some exciting news that I want to share with you! It’s about the best thing I ever “made”!

Without further ado… Roby and I would like to introduce you to our son, Antony Thomas!

Okay, this picture is a tease. You can only see baby Tony’s striped gray hat sticking out of the ergo baby that dad is rocking.


Here’s a better picture of our new family.

We are so smitten with our handsome little man. It was truly love at first sight.

He’s so teeny tiny but this little guy has somehow managed to take up my whole heart.

Time is flying by. Too fast. Tony is already a month old! I meant to write this blog post and share our news with you much sooner, but man – being a new parent is exhausting.

Even in my constant sleep-deprived state, I can’t stop staring at this little human who made me a mommy.

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  1. Simmi says

    Hey Ashley this is the first time im reading all this and chkng out your page … you have a lovely family!! I tried your gajar halwa recipe it came out great!!!!! My husband diesnt want to buy from sweet shop anymore every week he brings carrots nd khoya instead lol anyways thanks for the great recipe!!!

  2. Irene says

    Hello Ashley, I too just found your blog and awesome recipes. Congratulations on becoming a Mom.
    I recently started eating/cooking Paleo and had signed up for several blogs, that is until I found yours. I told my husband, this is all I need. Lots of wonderful recipes. I intend to try them all.

  3. Mickie Philip says

    I just found your blog! Love it, Ashley! I am married to an Indian (27 years). He is from Kerala so I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes. We want to eat healthier & lose weight. You little family sounds delightful. What a darling baby you have! My Best!

  4. Scott says

    Congrats Ashley! My little boy is just about to turn 1 this month and it’s been the toughest and most rewarding year of my life. It’s been awesome. My family sends yours our best wishes.

    Thanks for all the delicious recipes! Your son is going to be spoiled with some good food real soon!

  5. Marjorie Zoretic says

    Congrats on your handsome new addition. You look incredible and he’s adorable.

    Just FYI your format is great and recipes upload easily into my Plan to Eat subscription. Thanks for making it easy! Love you! Keep it up πŸ™‚

  6. Abby says

    Huge congrats to you and Roby, Ashley! Your hospital pic with the three of you is beautiful, and you look AMAZING after just having had a baby. Thanks so much for sharing your good news! Wishing you all the very best in your new adventures – and yes, take some time to rest – we’ve got plenty of recipes to keep us busy (including the butter chicken which I just made earlier this week). Take care!

  7. Lois Kaebel says

    I am so happy for you and your husband! What a blessing! I pray many more blessings ahead for your family! πŸ™‚

  8. Sindhu says

    Congratulations! Beautiful family. Hopefully you will have some posts on baby food soon. Enjoy your little one. They grow up fast. My kid is now 13 and I miss the baby years.

  9. Kathy says

    Beautiful baby. πŸ™‚ Congratulations!
    P. S. One piece of advice… that I never used and now, looking back, wish I had… SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS!! It’s so tempting to try and get things done while they’re sleeping but get your rest.

  10. Cynthia says

    Oh my god??? I just started following your blog and recipes!! You’re an amazing cook love your blogs and wish you so much happiness! Congrats on your bundle of joy and happy Diwali ?

  11. Roslyn Mac says

    Such a great first family picture. Congratulations to you both – Tony is a little cutie. I always thought the first six weeks were the toughest because of all the work and little sleep but once you are rewarded with that first real smile all the tiredness vanishes. Enjoy this little one – they grow so fast.

  12. Lisa says

    Many blessings to you, Ashley and Roby for your darling son. He’s wonderful.
    I remember when my son, Adam was born. All I wanted to do was sit and watch him sleep.
    And look at his beautiful face. Enjoy every special moment. Lisa in Indianapolis.
    PS – what a special time for you during Diwali.

  13. Glory says

    What wonderful news! Congratulations! The first year is a year of many milestones for your little one, so enjoy them all! Again, all the best to you and your family!

  14. Kiki says

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! You look radiant in your first family photo and your husband looks so full of joy!

  15. Merrie says

    And what makes that recipe so special, no one else can replicate it!!! πŸ™‚
    Congratulations!!!! He is just perfect!

  16. Melissa says

    Gosh he IS a cute little guy as everyone else has said! And looooveely parents too! Congrats on being new parents and the new adventures that await!

  17. Orsi says

    Congrats Ashley, I’m so happy for you!
    You have a very handsome little boy, I love how much hair he has! Also that I can see both of your features in him.
    I wish you a lot of happiness in raising him!

  18. Eva says

    Soooooooooooo Sweet, Makes me remember the good old days. My youngest is 33, my oldest is 46. Congratulations to you both. May you all have a wonderful and Blessed life.

  19. J says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are such a super cute family…. what a sweet little guy! Take it easy on yourself and get sleep whenever you can. You look so good… how do you do that? I hope you stored some of those pumpkin tuna patties in your freezer before the birth, because they are SO GOOD and something you can grab. When I see a newborn baby I remember how THIRSTY I was, breastfeeding… I need to go get get some water just thinking about it. Stay hydrated and nourished during this time of interrupted sleep… good wishes to you! Take a break… we have lots of good recipes to use for now! And we can all get your ebook to keep us occupied for awhile.. πŸ™‚

    • My Heart Beets says

      Thank you so much for the well wishes and advice!! I’m definitely always thirsty (and hungry haha). And I actually do have the pumpkin tuna patties in the freezer lol! πŸ™‚

  20. Catherine B. says

    We’ve never met, Ashley, but it feels like I know you through your writing. I am so very happy for you all. Your child is beautiful and will have such a nuturing home to grow up in.

  21. Colette says

    Oh Ashley! That is the best news! I am so happy for you. How blessed Antony is to have you for his Mom. He is just beautiful, like his Mom and Dad.

    Many, many blessings to your dear family

  22. Raina says

    Ashley!!! MASSIVE congratulations – welcome to the world to your little man! Big love to you (and all of the sleep deprivedness you must be experiencing, MAD respect to anyone who raises a child!)

  23. Lisa says

    SO WONDERFUL ASHLEY! I did not even realize you were pregnant! Best of luck and loo etc you always! One thing is for sure: Little Antony will eat well with his amazing chef of a mother πŸ™‚

    PS- Check out this book πŸ™‚ Perfect timing for you. My sis wrote – I think you will like it (and you know her).


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