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You guys are loving my 2-ingredient cheesecake (my take on bhapa doi) and I couldn’t be happier about it! I love seeing all of the cheesecake photos you all share!

Frequently Asked Questions about my 2-ingredient Cheesecake

Does this really taste like cheesecake?

Yes – as long as you chill it first! If you eat this cheesecake while it is warm then it will taste like custard BUT if you chill it for a few hours then the texture DRAMATICALLY changes and it tastes like cheesecake. It really, really does. Try it if you don’t believe me 😉

What size pan can I use?

You can use any oven-safe container to make this cheesecake but the size of the dish may adjust the cook time.

I’ve tried this cheesecake using the following containers:

For the cheesecake pans, I do 30 minutes with a 20 minute NPR and for the 6 ounce ramekins I do 25 minutes with a 20 minute NPR.

I would NOT suggest using a spring-form pan as those can leak.

Can I add a crust?

If you are using a cheesecake pan then yes, you can definitely add a crust! Just grease the pan well, add the crust and pour the cheesecake batter on top of the crust.

If you’re using ramekins then it may be tough to unmold the cheesecake with a crust, but you can try! I have not tried it this way though.

What type of yogurt should I use?

If you’re making a plain cheesecake, you can use any whole milk (full-fat) yogurt.

If you’re adding a puree (like in my mango cheesecake recipe) then I suggest using whole milk greek yogurt rather than regular whole milk yogurt because greek is thicker. If you have regular whole milk yogurt then you can use a sieve to separate some of the whey from the yogurt before measuring.

I want to use non-fat or low-fat yogurt, can I do this?

I haven’t tried it myself (I always buy everything full-fat) but many others have said that low-fat and non-fat yogurt have worked for them. If the yogurt looks too thin, strain it to remove some of the whey. This will result in a thicker yogurt (also called hung yogurt) which works better in this dessert.

Can I use flavored yogurt?

Yes, as long as it’s full-fat it will work 🙂 People have made this cheesecake using all types of flavored yogurt!

What other flavors can I make?

Have fun with the recipe! You can try adding vanilla or cardamom or a fruit puree (strawberry, pineapple, banana, etc) or top it with some kind of jam or glaze. I have seen people in my facebook group come up with such creative flavors (including thandai, oreo, rose, saffron and more)!

Here are the flavors that you can find on my blog:

Can you freeze the cheesecake?

Yes, you can!

Why is my cheesecake watery?

This cheesecake sometimes releases a bit of whey after being cooked, just drain it out and enjoy! If it’s too watery, then try straining the yogurt next time as it may have been too thin.

Now if your cheesecake is TOO watery then you may not have properly covered the top with foil – covering the cheesecake well is very important. If too much water from steam gets into the cake, it won’t set and it also won’t look very pretty.

Can I make this in the oven?

Yes! You can make this in an oven using the bain-marie method (cook the cheesecake in a water bath by placing the cheesecake pan into a larger pan with water). Some people in my facebook group have successfully made it by baking at 350F for 30 minutes – I have yet to try it this way (the IP is just so easy for me) but I will update this with my results as soon as I do!

How can I reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe?

I have heard from people who have used evaporated milk instead of condensed milk and have had success in making a sugar-free cheesecake (update: I recently tried an all evaporated milk cheesecake and it did not turn out well for me… ). I have heard from people who made their own condensed milk and said it turned out well. I have also heard from people who used a combination of condensed milk and regular milk to reduce the amount of condensed milk and said it turned out well.

I have only tested the recipes as written but it seems like this is a surprisingly forgiving recipe.

Can I make this dairy-free?

Unfortunately, I have not been able to make this dairy-free. I have tried making this with condensed coconut milk and it did NOT work out for me, so save your money folks. I will continue to test recipes and hope to come up with something soon!

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  1. Mj says

    Thanks for your response! I tried the silicone egg bite pan method today. I used the full amount of yogurt and about 3/4 of the can of sweetened condensed milk. I reduced the cook time to 19 minutes and kept the printed natural release time (20 min), and the end result looked like mini flan – tan on the outside, cream colored inside, and the texture was what I’d imagine for the child of bhapa doi and rasgulla. They weren’t custardy when I removed them, they were already semi firm and a bit spongey, so I unmolded them immediately. They became very firm once they cooled at room temperature. I put half of one in the fridge to cool further and the rest got eaten at room temp. The texture was essentially the same for the fridged and non fridged bites.

    I remember reading a comment that mentioned the commenter’s attempt turning out like rasgulla, and I wonder if cooking too long for the particular vessel leads to a rasgulla type of texture.

    I think I’ll experiment a bit with cook times, pressure release times and cooking vessels. I strongly suspect any way they turn out, they will be devoured and enjoyed. My spouse was a big fan of the today’s frankenmithai (doigulla?) and talked about looking forward to eating any version of them again.

    In case anyone is reading all the comments and curious about specific ingredients people are using, I’ll throw this out there – I used the 5 percent fat version of Fage greek yogurt and added a generous pinch of freshly ground green cardamom.

  2. Mj says

    Hey Ashley, I have a question about the cheesecake recipe, but first I want to give a quick shout out to all the puns and asides and daydreamy ramblings. You write such enjoyable posts.

    On to the question. Have you ever tried making the cheesecake in silicone, or specifically the egg bite molds (the ones used for the onion masala)? The idea came to mind when I was thinking about how I don’t know if any of my ramekins would be safe for pressure cooking – one set I feel likely wouldn’t be as they’re marked as not dishwasher safe, and I don’t know about the others.

    • Ashley - My Heart Beets says

      Hi MJ, thank you for the kind words – I appreciate them so much! To answer your question, I haven’t tried making the cheesecake in the silicone egg bite molds but I believe I’ve seen a reader share a photo of that in my FB group (Instant Pot for Indian Food). If your ramekins are oven-safe, I would think that they would be fine to use in an instant pot. Let me know how it turns out if you try!

  3. Holly says

    Hi Ashley,I’ve read through all of your recipes for your Indian cheesecake and all the comments as well. I saw that you said you have tried unsuccessfully to make this dairy free. Do you have any idea if this would work with the dairy based sweetened condensed milk that you recommend but with full fat GOAT yogurt. It’s just a personal preference b/c I would like to cut back on as much of the dairy as I can since we don’t tolerate it well. However your cheesecake is OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE dessert! The goat yogurt I buy is organic and has the exact same consistency as full fat cow yogurt, it’s not watery or thin. I just wanted to know if you had any feedback about this because I’m not on Facebook so I can’t check out your Facebook page. Thanks in advance!

  4. zoha says

    hi Ashley,

    will there be a problem if i make this cake with 2% greek yogurt?? (i am making a mango version of this btw)


  5. Sonia says

    Hi Ashley, I love this cheesecake. I have made it many time. And I am planning to make it again today but this time I want to double the recipe. So my question is that If i double the recipe do I have to change the cooking time too??

  6. Jon Q says

    I made the cake and it turned out just like your video. it released very easily from the sides, but I had a difficulty removing the bottom. Should I wait until it cools for 4 hrs before trying to remove the bottom?

  7. Swati Shah says

    Hi Ashley, can you please guide me how to make chocolate cheesecake? I made your 2 ingredient cheese cake and everyone loved it but my husband likes chocolate cheesecake so need your help!! Thanks!

    • My Heart Beets says

      Swati, I have yet to make a chocolate version but I believe I’ve seen this in my facebook group, I would check or ask there! Once I try a chocolate version, I’ll be sure to share! That sounds like something I need to make 🙂

  8. Anna says

    Hi Ashley, I recently came across your blog and I love it. The simplicity of these recipes are irresistible. I was very excited to make this cheesecake. I used ramekins in IP since I don’t have a cheesecake pan. I loved what I made, but I am positive that the consistency was not that of cheesecake. It reminded me of Rasgullas which is a favorite of mine. Is that normal? First time (for a change), I followed a recipe to the letter :). I made the plain version crust less. Just condensed milk and whole milk Greek yogurt. Just pondering if I made a mistake. I am going to try this again and can’t wait to try some of the other recipes.

    • My Heart Beets says

      Anna, I’m so happy to hear that you found and like my blog! This should definitely taste more like cheesecake than rasgulla — did you chill it before trying it? The texture does change when eaten warm vs after chilling but if it’s not that then I’m not sure what it could be… let me know if you try it again and how it turns out!

  9. Yamini says

    Hey Ashley,

    Need your inputs on how to make cheesecake using the ready made pie crust…

    Thank in advance

  10. Upstairs Woman says

    What about making the crustless version in a steel tiffin box? I have a tiffin carrier about 5.5 inches in diameter and a standalone tiffin box about 7.5 inches diameter. Thoughts on which of these might work better?

  11. Roger Wambolr says

    I have made this a number of time an really enjoyed it. I have use a 6″ french casserole dish and now have an 8″ spring form pan. Can I double the recepie ( I want it to be thicker). If I double, should I adjust the cooking times?

  12. Priya says

    Hi !! This sounds exciting. I am new to IP and would love to try this cheesecake !
    Can I use almonds instead or pecans ? Thanks !

  13. Brad says

    Umm I was super skeptical and ran to the store to buy a 6 inch spring form. This was super easy and I had to give it a try before I shared it with the family just in case it was gross. I took one bite and ran to the living room with forks and plates! I did not tell them what the ingredients were before the first bite. It was DELICIOUS! As I am writing this I have a lemon cheese cake in the IP! Major score!!!!!

    • My Heart Beets says

      Brad, yay!!! I’m so happy to hear that you tried this despite being skeptical lol and even happier that you liked it so much 🙂 Thanks for letting me know how it turned out!!

  14. Kshitija says

    Ashley, if i need to make 4 times the qty in your recepie, how should i do it? Can i pour it in instapot directly and then move to another container to freeze it?
    Or should i do it 4 times?

    • My Heart Beets says

      I haven’t tried quadrupling the recipe but I have heard from others who were able to successfully double it. Maybe try doubling it first? You can also posting this question in my “Instant Pot for Indian Food” facebook group – someone there may have tried this and be able to help!

  15. Irene says

    Hello Ashley,

    I love the recipes you post and I have made a few but I do have a question. I have an Instant Pot but do not quite understand how it works. Like you say for the Cheesecake recipe, to let it steam vent naturally for 20 minutes ????Exactly how is this done?

  16. Bill says

    I followed the recipe exactly as well as the pressure settings & times. The 2-Ingredients Cheesecake was delicious, but have a question. I used a 6inch springform pan, after cooking was done and removing cheesecake from pan noticed the height was about 3/4 inches tall. However, looking at the pictures you have the cheesecake appears to taller. I did use the full Greek Yogurt, but added a little more as I felt there was not enough Yogurt in the mixture. Is it i cup or 1 tub of Yogurt? Any ideas as why the cheesecake was only about 3/4 inches tall. I used a ruler to measure it.

    • My Heart Beets says

      Hi Bill, glad you liked it! As for the height – it depends on the size of your pan – ramekins will make taller cheesecakes. If you’re using a cheesecake pan then adding a crust will also increase the height (like in this lemon cheesecake recipe). 1 cup of yogurt is right – I’ve heard from others who have used more yogurt to help make the cheesecake less sweet but I haven’t tried it myself – though I’m sure it would also help add height. Hope that helps!

    • Shobha says

      I had the same problem. The cheesecake turned out flatter and not so spongy as it looks in your pictures. I used a six inch springform pan.

  17. Roopa says

    Do you have the recipe for making a basic graham cracker crust? Or even suggestions on other types of crust for the mango cheesecake?

    • My Heart Beets says

      Roopa, I’ll work on creating some simple crusts – some people just use crushed cookies and butter. If you are in my Instant Pot for Indian Food facebook group – a lot of people share have shared crust ideas in there!

    • Lyn says

      I used the graham cracker crust recipe on allrecipes.com. Just Google it. Graham crackers, butter, small amount of sugar and cinnamon powder. My are hooked on this! Tried lemon and mango so far.

  18. Marie says

    I wanted this to work and I messed it up…I used homemade whole milk yogurt but used 6 – 4 oz. ramekins for 25 min. and 20 min. natural release. How much time do you think because mine were tough and the color was tan ??? Weird! Thanks for any help.

  19. Pam says

    My three year old grandson and I made your two ingredient cheesecake tonight, and added five more ingredients: about 2 tsp Mexican vanilla extract, about a tsp dried grated orange peel, a handful of golden raisins, and a few TBS pistachio nuts (minus shells of course) plus a few whole cardamom pods, whirled around together in the food processor to make a coarse grind. We used a silicone mold that had fairly small depressions (maybe 1/4 c each?), 18 mins high pressure and 20 minutes natural release, then another 15 or so mins in the fridge before unmolding. It was delicious. The three-year-old and his four-year-old brother and I loved it and had seconds, though my 26 year old daughter said she didn’t like “things” in her cheesecake and my son-in-law doesn’t like raisins.

  20. Maneesha says

    I made the lemon cheesecake in lil ramekins, using full fat Greek yogurt, and they turned out great! I ate one ramekin while it was still warm and then ate it again after chilling overnight, and there is a DRAMATIC difference! the lemon flavor really rose after chilling! Two thumbs up! Loved it! Nom nom nom

    • My Heart Beets says

      Maneesha, so glad you made the lemon cheesecake!! And yes, it’s such a big difference! Thank you so much for letting me know how it turned out for you 🙂 I always love reading your comments! <3

      • Maneesha says

        Aww thank you! I love your blog and sharing your recipes with my family! My husband and I finished off the last lemon cheesecake ramekin yesterday, and we topped it with some raspberries, which we really enjoyed. I wonder, can you make this cheesecake with raspberries? If we smash up the raspberries and mix with the condensed milk and yogurt, would the consistency still be ok?

        • My Heart Beets says

          Yes, you can definitely use raspberries! I would just suggest using full-fat greek yogurt if you add the raspberries (rather than regular full-fat yogurt). The thicker yogurt will help balance out any extra bit of water from the berries. It’ll turn out great 🙂

  21. Shilpi says

    Hi Ashley yesterday night I just made and it’s came out perfect.
    I have a question can we cook in pressure cooker bcoz my sis is also interested but she don’t have instant pot.

    • My Heart Beets says

      Shilpi, I’m so happy to hear that you like this recipe! Thanks for letting me know how it turned out for you 🙂 Yes, you can steam this in a pressure cooker as well 🙂

      • Palak says

        Great to know I can also use a Pressure cooker for this.. really want to try this but don’t have my IP yet. How much time do you recommend to keep in pressure cooker? Also, should I leave the whistle on? Thanks a lot for this brilliant cheeseless cheesecake recipe☺️

    • My Heart Beets says

      You can use any oven-safe pan in an Instant Pot, however you may need to adjust the cook time based on the size of the container you use. I suggest greasing it well – it should come out just fine 🙂

  22. Edith says

    It’s really important to make sure that it’s not calorie reduced yogourt or one that contains gelatine because they don’t work. I found Greek yogourt works best.

    • My Heart Beets says

      I think there are some people who have used it successfully but it has leaked for others. You can try lining it with parchment paper but I’d suggest using another IP/oven-safe container if possible.

    • Peggy says

      Yes. You have to wrap the whole bottom and sides of pan in foil, then firmly place foil over the top. This seals the seam and prevents leaks.

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