4 Ways to Eat a Hot Dog Without a Bun


Hot dogs, like hamburgers, are quintessential summertime fare (though you can eat them year-round, of course). Barbecues, picnics, sunshine and hot dogs just go together. But for many of us, eating the bun just isn’t an option. Well, when you check out these 4+ ways to eat a hot dog sans bun, you won’t miss it anyway.

Here are 4 ways to eat a hot dog without a bun:

1. Bacon Blanket
Bun? What bun… all I see is… BACON. 4 ways to eat a hot dog without a bun by myheartbeets.com

2. Hot Dog as the Bun
Whoever came up with this is just brilliant. Eating a “Hot Dog as the Bun” is when you split a hot dog down the middle and then stuff it with toppings.
4 ways to eat a hot dog without a bun by myheartbeets.com

3. Zucchini Weenie
This hot dog bun is grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and pretty much everything but zucchini-free. That’s because it’s made out of…<drum roll>… zucchini! Hot dogs plump up when cooked, so grill ’em first, then put them in a hollowed out zucchini. Throw the zucchini weenie on the grill for a few minutes until nicely charred. (p.s. I hollow my zucchini out with my pumpkin carving knife).
4 ways to eat a Hot Dog without a Bun on myheartbeets.com

4. Hot Naan Dawg!
Make this 3-ingredient flatbread (Naan) and wrap it around your hot dog. To make this, cook one side of the flatbread in a pan and wrap it around the hot dog with the sticky/uncooked side facing up. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes then broil for a minute and you’ve got a golden dog in a golden crust.
4 ways to eat a Hot Dog without a Bun on myheartbeets.com

On Buying Hot Dogs:

I only eat grassfed hotdogs. You can find these in most grocery stores or health food stores – US Wellness Meats also sells grassfed and sugar-free hot dogs online.

Other Ways to eat Hot Dogs :
Have any other ideas on how to eat hot dogs without a bun? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Rusty Shackleford says

    Love the naan bread—use it also for pancakes. For hot dogs I find it easier to wrap each dog with a naan bread that’s been refrigerated—they become flexible enough

  2. Callifax says

    I tried out the hot naan dogs tonight and it worked out really well! The almond flour I had on hand was a little bit grainy, so I added a bit more tapioca flour to balance it out, and used milk instead of coconut milk. I wasn’t sure how exactly to wrap the hot dog in the cooked part of the naan while leaving the sticky part uncooked (without making a giant mess) so I wound up quickly flipping the naan on the pan, gently rolling it up, and placing it on a baking sheet. This seemed to work out really well – with the 20m bake and 1m broil, the naan wraps were crispy and delicious.

    Thanks for the great idea!

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