How to Store and Use Indian Onion Masala in Recipes


I love preparing a big batch of Indian Onion Masala because it makes it so easy to cook fresh and authentic Indian food. Thankfully, it also lasts for a long time in the freezer.

Indian Onion Masala

If you’re wondering how to make Indian onion masala, then I suggest you read this post which explains how to make the masala.

You can also watch this video to get an idea of the process:

Ok, is your masala ready? Let’s talk about how to store and use Indian onion masala in recipes!

How to Store Onion Masala:

You can keep this masala in an air-tight container in the fridge for 2-3 weeks but I typically freeze almost all of it and use it as I need it. It will last up to six months in the freezer (and truthfully, as I mentioned in my onion masala post – I once found some in the very back of my freezer that was a year old and still used it… judge me if you want to but it tasted perfect).

In the past, I used to freeze this masala in zip-top bags, then lay them flat in my freezer so that I could stack them in a large pile. The problem with freezing masala this way is that it’s hard to break off a frozen chunk of masala and it’s also hard to “eyeball” how much I’m going to need for a recipe.

Now, I use these silicone trays. I bought them a while ago when making this egg bite recipe and I can’t tell you how perfect it is for storing this masala! I love that each “well” in the tray holds ¼ cup of masala. Plus they are so easy to pop out!

Indian Onion Masala

Again, each “puck” or “cube” is ¼ cup of masala and that’s the minimum amount that I use when making a recipe, which is perfect. This is what they look like when you pop them out:

Indian Onion Masala

I store the pucks in a freezer-friendly zip-top bag, which I then label with a sharpie.

Basic Indian Onion Masala

How Can I use Indian Onion Masala in Recipes?

Use this masala in any recipe calling for onions and tomatoes!

I am sharing recipes that call for exact amounts of this masala but feel free to experiment with any dish! Having this masala handy will allow you to make so many different Indian dishes!

Don’t worry about getting the exact quantity right when it comes to creating recipes that use this onion tomato masala. The great thing about this masala is that it’s already cooked down and full of flavor – so if you make something and decide that it needs more flavor, you can always toss in another cube of onion masala.

You can use this masala in SO many ways! Use this masala to give extra oomph (flavor) to pretty much anything you make. For example add some masala when making a stir-fry; use it as an Indian tomato sauce on pizza (or add Italian herbs to it!); mix it with pasta; spread it on a sandwich; stir it into your scrambled eggs, etc.

Want more guidance in adding this masala to recipes? Check out my Indian Onion Masala Headquarters where I share recipes that call for exact amounts of onion masala. Once you familiarize yourself with this Indian sauce, you’ll feel more confident in improvising and using it on your own.

Basic Indian Onion Masala

How to Store and Use Indian Onion Masala in Recipes

Indian Onion Masala

How to Store and Use Indian Onion Masala in Recipes

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  • Make sure the onion masala is cold before putting it in the freezer. I store it in the fridge first, then once it’s cold I put it in the freezer. This helps to reduce freezer burn.
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    5 stars
    Hi, Ashley!
    I signed up for your email “tricks” on cooking Indian food.
    Originally from the UK but now residing in Canada, Indian food has always had significance for me. You could say it is the national cuisine of the UK and although I love it, I have always felt that it is too complex (spices, etc) and time-consuming to feature as a regular in my home cooking – until now.
    Your insight in preparation and your wonderful recipes have changed all that.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful website.

  2. Lawana Seeman says

    If I don’t have the onion masala made can fresh ingredients ie tomato, onion etc be substituted & in what quantities

  3. Ketaki says

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for the masala recipe. It is a game changer indeed!! I tried this last weekend and my weekday cooking was a breeze. Never been this happy in the kitchen before 😃

    My instant pot has gone kaput so I had to do it on stove top. I wasn’t sure how long it needs to cook – from the video it looked like the masala had left oil after the pressure cooking, so that’s how long I let it cook too. But that reduced the masala so much so that I ended up with only 9 pucks. Reading through the comments now I realized I should have got 21! Can you advise at what consistency should I stop cooking the masala?

    Many thanks,

  4. Astha says

    Awesome recipe!! I have heard it’s not healthy to cook tomato if we are storing the masala. Is this true? If yes, shall we add tomato after defrosting masala?

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