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When it comes to grocery shopping, I prefer to buy local when I can. The produce is without a doubt fresher than what’s in stores and you support your local farmer in the process. That said, you obviously can’t buy everything from your local farmer. There are many pricey specialty items that can really add up when shopping at your average grocery store. That’s where having a Costco membership really comes in handy. There are plenty of real food options available at Costco – IF you know what to look for. I’ve put together a Real Food Shopping Guide for Costco so that you can see a list of the things that I buy (or would consider buying) to help you out while you shop.

If you have any real food suggestions that I might have missed, please leave a note below in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. I’d love for you to be able to print this out and take it with you on your next shopping trip. Definitely bookmark this page as I plan to continue to update it with my Costco finds. Remember though, not every store will carry the same product – and many products will vary by season.


I have added some new items to this list thanks to updates from readers. You may not see prices listed for these new items. Also, remember that every store carries different products at different times.

And for those of you who are wondering whether Costco’s cans are BPA-free, here is a direct quote from an email that I received from them: “Costco carries many brands of canned goods. Kirkland Signature™ organic items are all in BPA-free cans. Due to rapidly changing inventory and a variety of suppliers it is not possible to list each specific item.” – Craig Wilson, Vice President/GMM

Organic Meat & Eggs:

Eggs $6.99/2 dozen
Pasture Raised Eggs $6.29/1 dozen
Grassfed Beef 3 pks for $18 ($4.49/lb) *some stores carry both organic and organic grassfed – make sure to look for the grassfed!
Chicken Thighs $4.79/lb
Chicken Breast  $5.99/lb
Whole Fryer Chickens $2.49/lb
Wild Planet Canned Tuna 5 cans for $15
Sardines: 5/3.75oz cans for $7.99
Wild Alaskan Tuna: 6/5oz cans for $14.99
Wild Sockeye Salmon: 3/6oz cans for $10.99
Fresh Wild Sockeye Salmon $10.59
Wild Salmon (freezer section)
Uncured Canadian Bacon
Organic Chicken Stock: 6/32oz for $10.99
Aidells Sausage (not organic unless it says so on the package) $13.59
Prosciutto $9.99


Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter 1.5 lbs for $6.99
Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese: 2.18lbs for $12.99
Goat Cheese Logs $6.79

Oil & Sweeteners

Coconut Oil (Carrington Farms) 54oz for $16.99
Avocado Oil (Chosen Foods) – 33oz for $10.49 read my post about why I love avocado oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 liters for $13.89
Organic Honey 4.5lbs for $12.99
Raw Honey (click here to see the brand) $14.79
Organic Maple Syrup 1 liter for $13.99
Organic Sugar (Itaja) 10lbs for $8.49 (good for Kombucha or other fermented foods!)
Organic Hemp Oil 24 oz/$4.97

Nuts & Seeds & Flour:

Organic Chia Seeds (Nature’s Intent) 2lbs for $13.99
Golden Flax Seed 48oz for $7.99
Nutiva Organic Coconut Flour 4 lbs/$6.99 *not available at every Costco
Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour 3lbs/$17.99 *not available at every Costco
MaraNatha Roasted Almond Butter 26oz for $6.29
Whole Almonds: 48oz for $12.79
Sliced Almonds: 32oz for $7.99
Macadamia Nuts: 24oz for $17.69
Cashews: 40oz for $14.99
Pistachios: 48oz for $15.79

Canned & Dried:

Organic Diced Tomatoes: 8/15oz cans for $5.99
Organic Tomato Paste: 12/6oz cans for $5.99
Organic Tomato Sauce 12/15oz cans for $7.59
Organic Oven Dried Roma Tomatoes in organic olive & sunflower oils 35 oz/$8.99
Natural Olives: 6/60z cans for $7.29
Organic Sliced Mushrooms 12/4 oz cans – $9.89
Sun-dried Organic Calimyrna Figs (made in nature): 40oz for $10.99
Dried and Unsulfured Antioxidant Blend (berries) 24oz for $14.99
Dried and Unsulfured Apricots 3lbs/$9.49
Raisins 4lbs/$7.99
Freeze Dried Fruit: 20ct bags for $14.99
McCormick Organic Oregano $3.99
McCormick Organic Basil $3.15
McCormick Organic Thyme $5.35
McCormick Organic Rosemary $4.15

Organic Frozen Items:

Berry Supreme (Townsend Farms) 3lbs for $9.99
Cherries (Nature’s Touch) 4lbs for $13.99
Mangoes (Sunrise Growers) 3lbs for $7.99
Peas (Watts Brothers Farms) 5lbs for $6.69
Mixed Vegetables (Watts Brothers Farms) 5lbs for $6.79
Wild-Caught Salmon

Organic Fruits & Vegetables (vary):

Spinach $3.99 – $4.49
Spring Mix $4.49
Beets (Love Beets – cooked) 2.2lbs for $7.99
Carrots 10lbs for $6.99
Fuji Apples


Suja Green Juice $8.99
Vita Coco 4 qts for $15.79
Koh Coconut 6 qts $ 16.99
Mayorga Organic Coffee Whole Beans: 2lbs for $13.99
Newmans Own Organics Coffee Pods for Keurig
Pure Sea Salt
Lara Bars: 18ct Box: $15.79
Wholly Guacamole: 4/12oz for $8.49
Hail Merry Mini Tarts
Applegate Gluten-free Chicken Nuggets 32oz/$12.99

Paleo Gray Area/Not Paleo Foods

Organic Hummus
Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend (Namaste Brand) 5lbs for $9.49
Organic black bean spaghetti 2lbs for $8.99 (made with black beans and water only)
Aidells Sausage 3lbs for $13.49
POM Juice: $8.99
Organic Carrot Juice 2 liters for $8.59
Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa 32oz jar for $6.49
GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce 16/3.2oz pouches for $4.69
Kind Bars (5g sugar) 18 for $17.49
Ricklands Organics Trail Mix
Udi’s Gluten-free Bread
Organic Gimme Teriyaki Seaweed Snacks 20 packs (.16 oz)/$9.49

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  1. Karen says

    Just to be clear, 3 lb of Grass-fed Beef at $18 is $6.00/lb – not $4.49/lb.

    I am still trying to find out what their Organic Whole Chickens have in them because stores are allowed to claim organic if they practice those procedures for the last portion of the life of the bird. Do you know if they hatch their own chicks and grow them with organic protocols for their entire life and whether they are pastured or housed in crowded buildings with a little door to give the “access” to grass?

  2. CJ says

    Must be Costco in the US, because the prices are FAR too low to be Canada. The organic eggs, for example are $10.99+ for 2 dozen in Canada ….. I WISH there was grass-fed beef available at the Costco warehouse where I shop (and just because meat is organic, doesn’t mean the animals weren’t kept in deplorable conditions, they were just fed organic feed – chicken is a prime example – You want to get grass-fed for beef (not kept in a feed-lot), and pasture raised for other meats such as pork and chicken) … yes, it’s all about being pedantic about semantics

  3. Margot Banescu says

    searching for beet root products, juice, powder or crystals. Good for blood pressure and brain power and many other things.

  4. Rachel says

    This is a very helpful list when looking for real food! Thanks so much for putting in your hard work in order to help us all out 🙂 I will be sharing this post – I know several people who shop at Costco all the time!

  5. Dave Murray says

    The Issaquah location is selling Kiolbassa Grass Fed Beef Sausages 15.49 for ~2lbs. They are awesome on the grill!!

  6. Susan Allums says

    My Costco, in Memphis TN also carries organic milk, organic frozen broccoli and organic frozen green beans. Thank you for this GREAT info. I am sharing it with my pre-school Mommies at church who are trying to eat a Whole Foods life style.

  7. Suzie says

    I used to buy nuts there, but stopped as I did not think they were raw or organic and was concerned about GMOs and pesticides. Can you help me out on this item?

  8. Hales says

    This is a great list but I’ve got to ask…what are the food budgets of people on this discussion?What do you sacrifice to have a big food budget? I am all for eating healthier, but it seems like no matter what you buy ( or what you pay for it) you’re still not buying the healthiest (conventional is terrible compared to organic, organic is no good if it’s not grass-fed or pastured, grass-fed is insufficient unless it’s local, etc.). And you still pay through the nose for it!

    • Nicole says

      My food budget is approx. $1000/mo for 2 people. I was surprised, but I don’t spend that much more eating Paleo than I did eating conventional, I think all those boxed processed foods I used to eat were costing me a lot. I also eat out less than I used to (primarily for weight loss, not financial, reasons). I don’t sacrifice anything in particular, food is 10% of our total budget, which is what it should be. I guess if we ate less organic/non-GMO/grassfed/etc, then we would have more money to spend on vacations, fancier meals out, fancier clothes, and entertainment, but my health has improved a lot, so I’m okay with spending the money. Food is not even our biggest expense, most of our money goes to student loan payments, mortgage, and other loan payments, in that order.

  9. jose says

    That organic honey from costco is kinda nasty.. almost bitter. I bought that big ass container and then realized it was very bitter tasting… could have just been the batch.. but not to my taste!

  10. Liz says

    I am concerned about organic products from China and foreign countries. some packages have statements like “certified USDA organic” or distributed by xxx with a U.S. address.

  11. Mickey says

    Where exactly are you located? The prices you list are outrageous, almost double what my local Costco charges for many of those items. I live in Maryland.

    • jose says

      Breathing air is bad…. don’t worry – I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine eating canned tomatoes… LOL!

  12. Braydel says

    Can someone tell me if the organic meats are sold in Canada’s Costcos?!?!? More specifically, Vancouver Island? 🙂 🙂

  13. Diana says

    I would advise against the canned tomatoes. Acidic foods, like tomatoes, cause the aluminum in the can to leach into the food product. Once digested, the aluminum enters your blood stream where it then makes its way to your brain, leading to such mental complications as Alzheimer’s. Some cans are also lined with BPA, which is also a neurotoxin. And don’t be fooled by cans that say “BPA free,” because they are made with BPS, which is just as bad, if not worse. Google for more info about this.

    I only buy my tomato (and any other acidic product) in glass jars.

  14. EllenFitz says

    My Costco in Redwood City, CA carries all the items mentioned and then some. What I haven’t seen listed is the “True Story” brand items. They make Organic Uncured Grass-Fed Hot Dogs, Organic Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, Organic Oven Roasted Sliced Chicken Breast, Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Organic Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast, Organic Uncured Applewood Smoked Ham, All Natural Uncured Wildflower Honey & Maple Ham and some other items. Right now I believe they are available at Costco Wholesale warehouses in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Alaska.

    • EllenFitz says

      I just came back from the Redwood City Costco. Tried to write items down. Here’s a partial list if Paleo/Primal items:

      2lbs Organic non-GMO Chia Seeds $13.99

      Organic Brown Eggs 24/$6.49

      Organic Pasture Raised Eggs $6.29/12

      Organic dried unsulfured apricots 3lbs/$9.49

      Organic dried unsulfured figs 2.5 lbs/$9.49

      Organic raisins 4lbs/$7.99

      Applegate gluten-free ABF chicken nuggets 32oz/$12.99

      Nutiva Organic Coconut Flour 4 lbs/$6.99

      Honeyville Blanched GF Almond Flour Super Fine Grind 3lbs/$17.99

      Organic Hemp Oil 24 oz/$4.97

      Avocado Oil 1-ltr/$9.99

      Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil 78 oz/$22.99

      Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 2 liters/$13.99

      Local Nor-Cal Raw Unfiltered Honey 40 oz/$14.99

      Organic canned sliced mushrooms 12/4 oz cans – $9.89

      Organic Oven Dried Roma Tomatoes in organic olive & sunflower oils 35 oz/$8.99

      Wild Planet 100% Pole & Troll Caught Wild Albacore Tuna 6/5 oz cans – $14.99

      Organic Gimme Teriyaki Seaweed Snacks 20 packs (.16 oz)/$9.49

      This doesn’t include the fresh organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed and/or organic beef, chicken, pork items/products, wild non-farmed fish, organic dairy items, etc. that they carry. It was just taking too long to capture everything!

  15. Joumana says

    I was at Costco just yesterday and was extremely happy to find a couple of great new items: Goldbaum’s Brown RIce Pasta (GMO, wheat, gluten, preservative, egg and fat-free – 4×1 lb. bags for $7.59) and Hampton Creek Just Mayo (GMO, cholesterol, gluten, egg, soy, dairy, and lactose-free- 64 oz. for $4.89).

    In fact at the checkout, I asked the cashier to forward a message of thanks to managers for expanding their organic and gluten-free options regularly.

  16. Shannon Jordan says

    I also purchase organic frozen broccoli, organic frozen strawberries and organic green beans too. They also provide some great organic breads that are so good!

    I love Costco 🙂

  17. Jessica Pol says

    Does anyone know if Costco offers a day pass? I really want to check out a costco near me before buying a membership

  18. Roberta Giordano says

    I live in Ct. I got to the Brookfield store and I have never seen the KG butter either. But after reading all the comments I will have to check I. Other dept. thank you for heads up. I will check it out first chance I get. Right now I get it from BJ or Stew Keonards.

  19. Zahra Virji says

    For those who are looking, the Kerry Gold is in the Deli section (Look for all the cheeses). Often the staff don’t know that either! Its NOT where the rest of the butter is.
    LOVE Kerry Gold butter and cheese! 🙂

  20. natalie rivera says

    Can you tell me how many pounds you get with $18.00 worth of ground beef at 3 packs? Our red quinoa is from c&f for $16 and thats expensive to me but I still got it as we still have a ton left.

  21. Amber says

    Just an fyi thatmight not matter to everyone, the Kirkland organic tomato sauce has added sugar. It used to be a staple here until I removed refined sugars.

  22. Chelley says

    I love shopping at Costco, though the variety comes and goes. I love the produce since I’m eating so many veggies now, it doesn’t spoil before I can use it. I can only find roasted Kirkland Cashews at my Costco, and was disappointed to find out that they are roasted in peanut oil (not paleo!). The cashews were a great lesson to “always read the label” – I would never have suspected peanut oil in the ingredients! The cashier’s explanation was that most nuts are de-shelled using the same equipment as used for peanuts, so their cross-contaminated anyway. Cashews are related to mangoes, though, and surrounded by fruit. I don’t think they’re processed the same as other nuts. Oh well. Great list!

    • Chelley says

      I read this and thought, “I didn’t write that!” Not used to seeing other people with my name! 🙂

  23. Tiffani says

    The roseville, ca store has lots of organic options. I usually buy organic fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, kale/chard/spinach blend, organic romaine.. they have organic valley cheeses jack and chedder… that’s where they keep the Kerry gold butter too. Organic brown rice, grass fed nitrate free hotdogs and sausages… I get canned organic garbanzo beans, pinto and black beans there. Tons of stuff. Just look for green signs!

  24. Virginia says

    We get organic frozen vegetable, organic diced tomatoes, organic pasta, Better Than Bouillon…chicken and beef, organic whole chickens (then i make bone broth..yum), organic blueberries, coconut oil, Organic sun-maid raisins, organic brown rice, organic olive oil, organic super greens….they carry organic milk at out store but it is lowfat and we used whole fat.

  25. Sarah says

    Have you seen Perfect Bars at your Costco? Here in Colorado our Costco had them. They are a but pricey but compared to what you’d pay at Natural Grocer/Vitamin Cottage you still get a good deal. Perfect Bars are my husband’s favorite of go or snacks in his lunch.

  26. Kathalee says

    I love that my local Costco has Bison and Almond Flour! I love Bison compared to any other ground meat, except turkey. The Almond Flour is excellent for baking and I use it all the time. I find that when I go into Costco on Thursdays, all their “new” products have been placed out and are available!

  27. Victoria Harrison says

    I few interesting side notes on some of the “healthy” Costco items on your list and in these posts that I’ve discovered over time.

    Raw Almonds are pasteurized with PPO (Jet Fuel) read here:

    Tillamook Products are not GMO free or Organic. Their position is posted here.

    Still, it’s awesome to see Costco making an effort. I can’t believe how hard they make it for us to eat uncontaminated food.

  28. Bobi says

    I’m sorry. I can’t imagine being able to afford paying those prices. I’m sure it’s good. But not on my budget…

  29. Melanie says

    Just a quick note on Honey, I tried to read through the comments to find out if anyone else had noted it but got distracted. It is virtually impossible to have “Organic” honey. No one can control where the bees go unless they are in a huge processing plant with little to no natural sunlight and are drugged all the time… the opposite of organic. If you want real honey buy it locally if possible. If not look for Raw, Unprocessed, Unpasturized. Just like the organic beef, organic honey is something to steer away from unless you are positive that it is raw.

  30. Gwyn says

    Our Costco has organic frozen corn too. I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere
    Thanks for the list. I had no idea there was such a big difference in what was available at different Costco’s. I always thought of them as fairly uniformed, though I have read that they try to source as locally as possible. My sister in law, who lives across the country from me and I often find we have the same Costco items when we get together. Always makes me smile.

  31. Marilyn Markowitz says

    I also purchase the Alpine Valley Organic Bread (there are different varieties depending which store you shop at) and I also love the Amy’s canned soups which are BPA free. I always buy the Frozen Organic Broccoli as well. I just recently found a new product… frozen Quinoa and Kale.

  32. Heather Gaillot says

    Just saw today that the Driscoll organic raspberries are back down around $4 for 12oz. Been watching them for a couple weeks now steadily declining in price.

    • Lori Olson says

      The organic raspberries have been running around $3.69 for several months in Green Bay, WI. I’m waiting for the blueberries to drop in price.

  33. Melissa says

    Some of these may not be paleo-friendly, but our Costco also sells:

    –organic black beans
    –organic black olives
    –hemp seeds (whole)
    –Love Beets (organic, in the refrigerated section)

  34. Danielle says

    Is the frozen mango with the other frozen fruits? I look for mango every time I go and never find it! (Other than the dried mango)

  35. Julie H. says

    Our Southern California Costco carries a brand of proscuitto that is Whole 30 compliant. We make Nomnompaleo’s porkitos from it a few times a week! Delish!

  36. Susan says

    The Costco in Independence, MO doesn’t carry almond oil or almond meal. They carry organic chicken but the thighs are boneless/skinless. I have pointed out to them in the past that the bone and skin contain the flavor but it hasn’t moved them. Organic beef here is not grass fed. We have fewer organic vegetable and fruit items but I’ll keep making the requests and hope the local buyer followers through. None the less, I love shopping there…

  37. Emily says

    I have checked the Superior, CO, Westminster, CO, and Arvada, CO stores for grass-fed ground beef to no avail. Occasionally they have the Verde Farms grass-fed marinated steaks for $8ish/lb and I’ll get a couple to have. But as far as I’ve seen, the ground beef is just organic (or conventional of course).

  38. Robin says

    I am a completely new visitor to your blog, because this list crossed my path today. I noticed you have both whole chickens and chicken stock on your list… you also might want to try making it yourself (the stock, that is), from the chicken bones. It’s very easy, and bone broth is so good for you! You may be a stock making expert, I don’t know, since I haven’t visited your page before, but if not, this is an easy recipe I use to make stock overnight from my chicken bones, and I freeze small portions to use as needed.

  39. Krista says

    At Costco in Minnesota, we can get most of what’s on your list and many of the additions mentioned in the comments too. I love Costco. It’s a great hack for my family of 4 boys where we just can’t afford to get everything at the co-op though I do get a lot of our produce at the co-op. We can also get the following from Costco

    Organic baby carrots
    Organic baby kale
    Organic power greens for smoothies
    Organic apples (seasonally)
    Organic bananas
    Frozen organic green beans
    Frozen organic brocolli
    Frozen organic smoothie berry mix
    Organic Valley Butter
    2 kinds of gluten free, uncured bacon
    Gluten free, abx free breakfast sausage
    Large loaves of Udi’s gluten free bread
    Another kind of dark gf bread that’s full of nuts and seeds
    Almond milk

    I’m sure there’s more but this is what came to mind. Thanks for the great list. I’ll definitely be asking for coconut flour and almond flour from our store as well as avocado oil.

    I will also add that we have a family friend who has an ethics consulting firm and Costco is one of his clients. He works with CEOs on making ethical decisions for their companies. I love knowing that the company is ethically run and that it does so much for it’s partner companies and others. I’m proud to support Costco (quite generously) on a weekly basis 🙂

    • Krista says

      I knew I’d remember more as soon as I pushed send. We can also get Organic strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries seasonally as well as Wyman’s frozen blueberries which is the same brandbtha they carry at my co-op for twice the price. We do lots of smoothies here so having a break on those ingredients is awesome.

    • Ann says

      Our Costco in CT has maybe one or two greens that are organic…very poor in my eyes! Are organic baby carrots still dipped in bleach?

  40. Julie Fox-McClure says

    Lamb at costco is from Australia and I understand that all Australian and New Zealand lamb is grass fed. Great list.

  41. bmommyx2 says

    I wonder is each location / region has a little different variety. I stopped buying the organic eggs at Costco since I suspect they come from Factory type Organic Farms & I prefer pasture raised. Although these are probably still better than conventional eggs & helpful for anyone on a tighter budget. I also am not comfortable with tomato products in cans. It is a helpful list & I have found lots of organic & gmo free goodies on my occasional Costco visits.

  42. Jen says

    My Costco in Folsom ca has no Kerry gold. I was just there today. And no wipes!!! Only Huggies and my kids react to that. I also donate to school so I needed some bad, also no grassfed beef so I go to trader joes for gf beef and organic pastured chicken a nd keerygold. The Folsom store used to have the butter… I didn’t check that today but true story gf hot dogs were on sale. We aren’t paleo but low oxalate and little to no gmo… We can’t really be paleo because of the oxalates so we are more Weston price. They have coconut flour at ours but I don’t know if it’s cheaper than bulk food aisle at whole foods. They had organic zuchnni for 1.99 a lb. nicer looking than trader joes organic,

  43. Jane says

    While in Arlington, TX (we live in KS & usually travel to shop in Kansas City) I found Hemp Seed, Kia cereal & Quinoa, all of them organic. Hope we can find them in KC.

  44. Lori Ferguson says

    I contacted Costco a while back and all there organic canned tomatoes, chicken, salmon, tuna, and other stuff is BPA free!!!

  45. SHannon says

    Bolingbrook, IL Costco has the “grass-fed” organic beef, among most items on your list….Love Costco for all the organic items they carry!

  46. GiGi Eats says

    I LOVE how Costco is stepping their game up! They’ve got to compete!! And I am thrilled that more expensive, healthier food companies are allowing Costco to sell their products for less! 🙂

  47. Adam says

    The Parker, Colorado Costco does not carry “grass-fed” organic ground beef, only the standard organic stuff. Do any Colorado peeps know if any of the other stores carry the grass-fed?

  48. Amber Scott says

    Here in northern California we have organic raw shelled hemp seeds… just bought a 24oz bag for around $10.

  49. Caryl says

    While visiting Palo Alto, CA the Costco there had Hemp Oil, organic of course. That store had dedicated aisles of clearly marked organic foods! So wonderful.
    Thank you everyone for your comments, it’s nice to find like minded people. I’m not paleo per sé but I do care about taste and preparation as well as performance of an ingredient.
    Thank you for this excellent list!
    PS If you are lucky enough to shop at Costco on Maui be sure to pick up the 10lb bag of organic pure cane sugar! Fantastic in coffee.

  50. Heidy says

    Love Costco! I usually get walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts on top of your nut list. The Costco in Seattle also carried organic frozen green beans (sadly not organic out here in Massachusetts) and pacific frozen cod (all the fish is Atlantic out here:( ) they do have the wild Alaskan smoked locks though.

  51. Alyssa says

    In my Southwest Florida Costco store we have Pine Nuts and Hemp Seeds! I can’t remember the prices off the top of my head. We also have palm hearts and artichoke hearts in water, not oil.

    • Tami says

      Most of the stuff on your list I wouldn’t buy (especially any sort of tomato product in a can). I wish they carried good eggs! I haven’t had good luck with their meat either – every time I buy the wild salmon when it comes in it is SUPER fishy and no way am I eating it! I’m in San Diego and I’ve never seen any sort of grass fed beef or free range poultry. What I do buy there is the bags of organic sweet potatoes, the bags of organic carrots, and the bagged organic spinach and mixed greens.

  52. Jennifer says

    Also I use Costco online for organics. You can find more organics there including Organic Valley powdered milk and its delivered to your door!

  53. Chris says

    Check out the bread section too. Ours carries two kinds of organic whole grain bread and takes out a flat of gluten-free Udi’s from the freezer everyday. We also buy Angie’s Kettlecorn – gmo-free and organic tortilla chips. Thanks for a great list!!

  54. Jessica says

    We are big fans of the Made in Nature Organic Dates. They just discontinued the Wild Planet Tuna at ours, luckily I stocked up before it was gone. Haven’t seen the Lara Bars. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for them! Thanks for the great list!

  55. Jayme Carter says

    This is fantastic! I frequently shop at Costco for many items on this list, namely the organic meats and Kerrygold items. Another yummy favorite item of mine that has been popping up at my local Costco in Washington State is the Hail Merry Mini Tarts. They are totally paleo and also vegan! Also, the Clif Kids Rope Fruit snacks, Stretch Island Fruit Leather, and Stretch Island Fruit Snacks are also all organic, I believe.

  56. MomOfThree says

    Thank you for this list! We live 25 minutes west of (what I’ve been told by several Coscto Employees) is the largest Costco in the world. They recently removed their in-house coffee roaster and made more room for products (Hillsboro, Oregon). I would love to see if we have anything to add, our store tends to have new/tester products first but this is a wonderful and handy list go have! We are also about an hour from Tillamook, Oregon (where the cheese is made) and we have a healthy group of cheeses in 2lb blocks at our Costco, not organic but “all natural”.

  57. Cathy Gramze says

    At my house we love the Kirkland brand organic salsa, in addition to most of the things already mentioned. And at my Costco the Kerrygold butter is kept right by the cheese, near the meat, not in the big tall refrigerator units with the other butter. I really notice the taste difference getting the grassfed organic ground beef!

  58. Sharon H. says

    Our Costco (in East Peoria) carries Tillamook brand cheese in large, 2 pound bars. It’s a grass-fed dairy option from the state of Vermont. I need to shred the last hunk I bought for DH’s breakfast skillet.

    • Kelly says

      Tillamook cheese is from Oregon and not grassfed. Still better than many other cheeses, but many of the farmers do feed their dairy cows grain.

  59. Cathie says

    I buy Organic Better than Bouillon Chicken base and Beef base, much less expensive than buying the boxed broths.

  60. Tzmi says

    Beware of the hamburger meat, not sure if they use the same supplier for other areas. But we have stopped buying because they changed their original supplier to get a more cost effective supplier, the meat now is full of disgusting gristle and fat.

  61. Amy says

    Most of this is also paleo gray areas, but some things I find and buy on occassion at my local Costco (in addition to much of the above):
    Organic frozen broccoli
    Ricklands Organics Trail Mix (would be paleo except for small amount of added sugar to cranberries, i think)
    Kirklands Organic Orange Juice (the BEST OJ anywhere, tastes fresh squeezed)
    Essential Baking Gluten free (for that occassional sandwich fix)

    Great list!! Thanks!

  62. Esper Hagberg says

    I go to to two Costcos, Pittsburg and Concord, CA. The Concord store has more organic items than the Pittsburg one. I already buy many of the items you mentioned. But my Costcos also carry Neiman Ranch bacon and frozen beef cuts, Organic Valley cheeses, half&half and butter, organic edamame, Minsley cooked brown rice, Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice, Classico Organic Pasta Sauce, organic Garofallo pasta. I also get the big bag of organic kale or the mix greens, the Ceasar salad kit, and the Sweet Tomato Brocolli salad kit (I add more brocolli or the dressing is too sweet). In the frozen section, I buy wild Alaskan salmon (so expensive though), and wild-caught prawns. ***sorry some items are non-Paleo

  63. MJ says

    We buy almost all the same things that we have available at our costco. We also buy the frozen quinoa with kale. It’s great to microwave with a protein on the nights we are too tired to cook. I wish ours carried pasture fed products. 🙁

  64. Meg says

    Not a costco member for I never thought I could get enough organic food but it would be nice to join! Are the linings of the canned food mentioned BPA? Thx!

    • Katherine Turner says

      Hi – Wild Planet canned fish is BPA free, but I doubt any of the other canned products are. At my Costco (Roseville, CA), they often have various organic products that you would normally find in cans in glass (tomato puree) or recycle code 1 plastic (like salsa).

    • Ryanna says

      Some of their cans are marked BPA free. I buy organic black beans there and the cans are BPA Free. You just have to check the box/label.

    • Victoria says

      I called to find out about the tomatoes in particular. Sure enough – the cans are BPA free! She explained to me that cans with a white lining are good sign that they are lined w BPA.

  65. Krisha says

    Great list! Thank you for putting it together. I’m now going to email my local Costco and inquire about the almond and coconut flour. Question: do you think their Honey and their Olive Oil is 100% Honey and Olive Oil? Or do you think it’s tainted? I’ve sceptical to purchase either one because I don’t know if the origins are authentic.

  66. Jen says

    Our COSTCO (Tallahassee) also carries organic lowfat and whole milk (Kirkland brand, but they do add fish oil to one– the lowfat, I think?), and individual bags of organic frozen blueberries and strawberries. Our store has also just started carrying Amy’s burritos 🙂

    • Michelle says

      We receive our milk from a local dairy, but I recently bought the organic whole milk for our summer company and was surprised to discover fish oil, including from talapia, added. We returned it.

    • Joanne says

      Pacific Organic free range broth has no GMO’s which usually come from feed. Free range birds eat grasses, bugs, etc.

      • Carey says

        Free range and pastured chickens are still typically fed feeds so don’t think that pastured means no GMO’s if that’s the route your looking for. It has to state it specifically or you have to ask for the info.

    • Gwyn says

      Our Costco has both Pacific and a Kirkland organic chicken broth. Not sure on the difference I was thinking organic was non GMO as well. I’m going to guess the Pacific will disappear though now since they are moving their own in. Could be the same just relabeled too.

  67. Emily says

    We are members at BJ’s and I am always on the hunt. Not all organic is equal and I am wary. They carry a lot of Applegate products but none are organic. There is some fruit/veg and salsa, canned Wild Planet tuna… I did see the coconut oil though! Still not sure about KerryGold. Its grass fed but not organic correct?

    • Katelyn says

      From my understanding, KerryGold comes from Ireland, where the farming practices are wholly different than over here. For example, BST and growth hormones are not even legal for use in Ireland. I would trust KerryGold before I would trust most Organic brands in the States, personally.

    • Deb says

      If you turn that package over it says “processed in Uruguay” or something similar. Not quite sure what it means, but I don’t want my raw meat imported.

  68. Christina says

    My Costco carries 3 packs of Organic Chicken Broth – much cheaper than buying Organic Chicken Broth at the supermarket.

  69. reilly says

    KIRSTEN, Costco now has their own label of coconut oil it comes in a two pack now although smaller containers it’s about$24 I just bought it there last week.

  70. Beth says

    Love your recipes!!! Last time I looked at the Organic Beef at Costco ….it was not Grassfed….. Just Organic.

    • Kim says

      It’s $10.99 at my Costco in GA! I remember when it was only $6.29. I would’ve stocked up if only I’d known, d’oh!!

  71. Kirsten says

    good list…unfortunately at our costco the three pack of organic beef is just that…organic beef. Not grass or pasture fed/raised. sigh. Also the eggs…they are organic sometimes, but not out on pasture. Just can’t find too many places where we can get the chickens out in the sunshine, I am afraid. Our costco also stopped carrying the 96 oz. coconut oil. I am so sad! I stocked up before they discontinued it, and have two more, but need to find somewhere else to buy the big containers. Good stuff sometimes though, and this is a handy list.

    • My Heart Beets says

      Kirsten, they usually carry the grassfed beef at my costco but sometimes it’s just organic. That’s such a bummer about the coconut oil! I wonder why they stopped that… it seems to be such a popular item! Have you tried avocado oil? I love it.

    • Emily R says

      Kirsten, my store stopped carrying some of my favorite healthy items and whenever they did, I would write a comment card about how much I miss that product. I would also throw in how with current diet trends, it is a popular item. All my items have come back that way. It normally takes 1-3 months for them to get it back, but then it sticks around. When it comes back, I try and stock up on it so that they get that “sales surge” to see it is popular, lol. I also let my friends know that Costco is carrying such-and-such an item if it is something I know they look for or like.

    • abby says

      Kristen try amazon for the coconut oil. But the avocado oil is great to use and very tasty. I use both the coconut oil and avocado oil at my house.

    • Amber Carr says

      Hey Kirsten and anyone else who mentioned being concerned about the coconut oil being discontinued at Costco. They did that here in the O.C. where I live also, and then brought in their own Kirkland brand organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil. I would bet they are doing that all around. They decided to make it themselves since it was so popular. They probably figured they could save money that way. So… just keep looking for it!

    • Emily says

      It does not show it on the outside of the organic egg package, but if you open it and read inside the chickens are cage free.

      • Becky says

        Cage free is not the same as pastured. Cage free hens are usually still kept in big warehouses and don’t get to go outside and forage. The flavor of pastured eggs is amazing compared to cage free.

        • Jen says

          Not sure if it makes a difference, but the eggs are stamped American Humane Certified. The organic milk and mayo are both animal welfare certified.

          • Katelyn says

            If you read the statements on the American Human Certified website about what it takes to become certified, nowhere does it include “fresh air,” “outside,” or “pastured” in the description. They basically seem to certify that the chickens are kept on the floor of a warehouse, running around, rather than stacked one cage upon another, as is normal in conventional chicken farming. For anyone who cares. I will still buy my eggs from the farmers market.

  72. Heather Gaillot says

    In Sacramento we also have Nutiva coconut oil and almond flour. Sadly, no Kerrygold. 🙁

    • nikki says

      heather are you sure?: i’m an hour from sacto near walnut creek and they carry it. sometimes they move it…weird. look in the hard cheese section and you might find it, and the butter is w/the hard cheese too…well sometimes…it’s a hit and miss…that’s why i ask. when I see it, i stock up. maybe ask the front desk…just to make sure. meanwhile tho trader joe’s up here carries the KG butter.

      • Mary says

        Also, as you leave, there should be a white binder just before you exit and you can check to see if anyone has requested a certain product or see if a product will be bak in stock. There are also cards for you to fill out and ask questions, make suggestions and request they bring in a certain product. You would find your answer in the white binder the next time you are in….Costco is pretty good about honoring requests if a lot of people request something and they can get their deal from the vendor. I am amazed at how many organic items they have these days due to the requests.

      • Heather Gaillot says

        Hm – I’ll keep looking and check for the binder. Someone said the meat section so I have been looking basically anywhere cold! Our TJ’s has it but still 3.19 for 1/2 pound so the KG is a much better price! Thanks for the tips!

        • Chris says

          FYI, the Roseville Costco (off 65) carries the kerrygold… in the butter section, near the yogurt. Also has a couple of decent (organic, no fillers, no thickeners) yogurt and kefir options if you do dairy.

          • Jennifer says

            What about other organic products..I still have a case of the Kirkland organic green beans…are they bpa free?

            • My Heart Beets says

              Based on the quote above, they should be: “Costco carries many brands of canned goods. Kirkland Signature™ organic items are all in BPA-free cans. Due to rapidly changing inventory and a variety of suppliers it is not possible to list each specific item.” – Craig Wilson, Vice President/GMM

      • Rebecca B. says

        All 4 local Costcos to us used to carry Kerrygold butter but haven’t for a long time now. Maybe a year now. We’re in SF east bay. Didn’t know about the binders and cards so I’ll do that next time. I get it at TJs. Thinking the demand wasn’t enough to keep it going. But I’m pretty satisfied with the large amount of quality organic they do carry. No grassfed beef, I’ll have to start filling out those cards!!

    • Rainie says

      I’ve talked to the guy in charge of ordering butter at my local Costco (yes, I am THAT person!), and he said it’s now a seasonal product here (Washington state), so I am stocking up as it just came in this month!

      Good luck!

      • Lisa says

        Here is South Florida, we’ve been told that Kerrygold is a seasonal item also….they bring it in for St Patricks Day. LOL

        I actually go to BJ’s more often now and they seem to carry it year-round, and at least here they have much better selection of organic/real food items than Costco.

    • Megan says

      Heather, I agree with Nikki. Check in the fancy cheese section. That’s where the Kerrygold butter/cheese is. I always checked with the other butter and thought mine didn’t have it too. Maybe yours doesn’t have it but I hope they do!

    • Manina says

      The Kerrygold comes and go. They consider it a seasonal item, but it just seems random to me. Make sure to check for it every time you go. If in doubt, ask the manager.

    • Jen says

      you might have to go to another location near you to get it. When my store didn’t carry it, I would go to another one and stock up on it and freeze it so I wouldn’t have to drive back and forth so often. You can also put a suggestion in the suggestion box at the exit door. They do read those things:)

    • John says

      I have found that Tropical Traditions on the web has the best quality coconut oil also a great palm oil. Sign on and they have great specials sent out via email. They ship right to your door.

    • Caroline says

      You can get costco to carry kerrygold if you request it in the comment box, by where you sign up for membership. Just leave a comment asking for it! It might take a few weeks, but the price difference is definitely worth it.

    • linda white says

      I always thought that “raw’ was essential in some products, such as honey, apple cider vinegar etc. and alot of foods listed here I cannot find in the Virginia Costco. I have seen the organic chicken but again thought it was supposed to be free range. Now I’m a little confused….help!

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