Sunday Sauce


Sunday Sauce is so simple and easy to make! It's delicious and warming - perfect for a cold day. Recipe by Ashley of

If I had to pick my favorite day of the week… it’d be Sunday.

Sundays are for doing nothing all day. Unless it involves relaxing on the couch and/or netflixing for hours… it’s not on the agenda. Or at least, that’s the case at my house. Parties and plans are for Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays… we save for each other. Sundays are for family.

And with this being the holiday season… every day kind of feels like a Sunday. And I love it.

This is the perfect time to make yourself and your family a big batch of Sunday Sauce.

And if you’re like my family, maybe throw on some matching PJs while you eat bowl after bowl of gluten-free spaghetti topped with a flavorful and meaty tomato sauce. Oh, except for the one vegetarian in the family (cough, my brother, cough) 😉 He gets to eat a vegetarian carbonara instead.

(also: please notice that the dog, Sasha, is wearing a matching red hoodie. It’s very important that you notice this).


I love Sunday sauce because it’s so simple to make. You just throw some ingredients together in a pot and then let it simmer for a few hours on the stove top. You’ll forget it’s there until the sweet aroma of Sunday sauce drifts into the living room and lifts you out of your netflix daze.

It’ll smell so darn delicious that you won’t even mind getting out from under your warm and cozy blanket. Yes, I’m being for real.

Sunday Sauce is so simple and easy to make! It's delicious and warming - perfect for a cold day. Recipe by Ashley of

So what is Sunday Sauce? I guess I should have told you sooner? It’s basically a rich, meaty tomato sauce that’s sweet and savory and perfect over a bowl of noodles (gluten-free/paleo pasta or zoodles!).

Traditionally, this Italian dish is made using whatever meat you have available – inexpensive cuts that taste delicious when simmered over a long period of time. My recipe is very simple and calls for plain ground sausage and ground beef.

I use a good amount of spices in this sauce – a blend that’s incredibly flavorful. It’s so flavorful that you’ll crave it meal after meal – which is great, because this recipe makes a good amount. You can enjoy it for several meals throughout the week and never get tired of it. Or you can freeze some and thaw it out on a night when you’re feeling particularly lazy. Try and freeze some if you can – it’s the best feeling knowing that you can eat a slow cooked meal on a day when you don’t feel like cooking.

Sunday Sauce is so simple and easy to make! It's delicious and warming - perfect for a cold day. Recipe by Ashley of

If you eat cheese, then top this with freshly grated parmesan. If not, use fresh cilantro or parsley instead.

I hope you’re all enjoying family time this holiday season! 🙂

Sunday Sauce

Sunday Sauce is so simple and easy to make! It's delicious and warming - perfect for a cold day. Recipe by Ashley of

Sunday Sauce

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  • Add the oil to a large dutch oven or heavy pot over medium heat.
  • Next, add the onions and saute for 10 minutes, or until softened.
  • Then add the garlic cloves, give it a quick stir, then add the ground meat.
  • Cook until the meat is mostly browned, then add the spices and mix well.
  • Pour in the tomato sauce, stir, then reduce heat to low and cook for 2-4 hours, stirring occasionally.
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  1. Kishan says

    Hi Ashley!
    Please could you tell me how I could replace the tomato for onion masala (without spices – tomatoes and onion pucks only) to fit with this recipe? How many pucks would I need for the same recipe. I would obviously add garlic etc the same way as above….

  2. Janet says

    Plan to make this this morning since the day will be filled with cold and snow thanks to the storm Jonas. BTW, the red hoodie was noticed 🙂 Adorable family photo,

    I’d love it if you would put out some recipes for “enhanced” naan. I’ll never forget a naan we had in London that was filled with nuts, fruit and spices but I have not idea what it was called. I wonder if you cooked one round then topped it with stuff then layered another on top, and cooked it, if it would work. The spice/nut/fruit mixture would be key.

  3. Linda says

    Can you tell me what ground sausage is? I live in Australia, so not sure what this is. Is it just the inside of a sausage? Like would I get sausages and squeeze out the innards? What flavour am I aiming for in the sausage meat?? It looks like a very kid friendly sauce!!

    • My Heart Beets says

      Hi Linda! sorry for the confusion, I actually just changed it to ground pork to be clear! I used an unseasoned ground pork for the recipe but if you can only get sausages, then yes you can remove the inside and use that. Please let me know how it turns out for you!

      • Linda says

        Oh cool! I can get ground pork easily 🙂 I will make it and let you know. Two of my kids love Italian mince sauces ( we call it bolanaise ) but I just use beef mince ( ground beef ) so will try it with the mix meats!

  4. Eileen says

    If I use a small amount of tomato sauce what other liquid can I use as I cannot tolerate all that tomato. What about coconut milk ?

    • My Heart Beets says

      Eileen, if you use coconut milk, add it at the very end. You can just add more broth to the sauce – that’s what I’d do. You may just need to thicken it at the end with arrowroot if it’s too thin – or add in some coconut cream.

  5. Reena Dwire says

    5 stars
    Made Sunday Sauce over the weekend and it was delicious. So incredibly flavorful! My husband and I loved it. Even though I had it for lunch yesterday, I came home and had another warm bowl of it just on its own for dinner as it was so yummy 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your recipes. Looking forward to trying your Beef and Prune Stew this weekend!

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