Fettuccine Alfredo + Make it Paleo II Book Review

seafood fettuccine alfredo paleo pasta by myheartbeets.com

Oh my goodness, this paleo-friendly fettuccine alfredo is incredible. I honestly can’t believe that this is a cheese-free recipe! I used wild-caught canned tuna as my protein in this dish but the original recipe calls for lobster, which I’m sure is also amazing (I plan on trying it with lobster as soon as I can… [read more]

Instant Pot: Carne Guisada

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipe: Carne Guisada on myheartbeets.com

Carne Guisada = Mexican Beef Stew Most of us have heard of carne asada (translation: grilled meat), but how many have heard of carne guisada? If you haven’t tried the latter, you’ve been missing out. Carne guisada is an absolutely delicious traditional Mexican beef stew. Guisada just means “stewed meat in gravy” and that’s exactly… [read more]

Cinnamon Raisin N’Oatmeal (No Oats!)

cinnamon and raisin paleo oatmeal by myheartbeets.com

“What do you eat for breakfast?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from readers. My answer: leftovers. Or, leftovers mixed with scrambled eggs. I usually don’t eat a fancy breakfast, at least not on weekday mornings. Crispy waffles, frittatas, prosciutto egg cups and oat-free oatmeal are usually reserved for special… [read more]

Thai Beef and Broccoli Soup

Thai beef and broccoli soup by myheartbeets.com

When it’s cold outside, I’ll make one of the following for dinner: casserole, soup or a one-pot meal. It’s how I cope with the cold. When I get home from work (after walking what seems like a mile in the bitter cold just to get to my car), I immediately take a hot shower, put… [read more]

Red Velvet Waffles

Grain-free Red Velvet Waffles by myheartbeets.com

I have been on a waffle making frenzy. Ever since my mom(in-law) let me borrow her waffle-maker, I have been experimenting with all types of waffle recipes. My last blog post was for 3-ingredient crispy waffles. With Valentine’s day coming up, I thought I’d try making something festive: Red Velvet Waffles! These were so, so… [read more]

3 Ingredient Crispy Waffles

3-ingredient crispy gluten-free waffles by myheartbeets.com

I finally understand why people are so crazy about waffles. Excuse me… I mean, WAFFLES! Wow. They’re incredible. Yes, I realize that I’m bragging about my own waffles BUT the fact is, until recently… I had never made waffles. I can’t believe how much I have been missing out. They’re ridiculously easy to make and… [read more]