Mini Fruit Pies


These handheld fruit pies are incredible. The crust is golden, crispy and perfectly flaky. Add a sprinkle of coarse sea salt on top and you’ll swear you’re eating pie crust. It’s hard to believe that these mini fruit pies are gluten-free and dairy-free. Inside the pies are a sweet filling – made up of your… [read more]

Yuca Waffles

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Angela from Paleo Kitchen Lab is here sharing her recipe for delicious banana yuca waffles topped with a simple jam made from dried fruits. Angela, a grain-free food blogger, made the switch to Paleo after being diagnosed with IBS and has used her diet to help heal her gut. You can read more about her… [read more]

Prosciutto Peach Pizza

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This Prosciutto Peach Pizza is a sweet and salty fruit-topped flatbread. It’s a summertime pizza that goes perfectly with a glass of sweet chardonnay or with a fruity moscato (my favorite). The crust is crisp and the middle, slightly soft. The toppings are what really make this pizza shine: salty prosciutto, thinly sliced ripe peaches,… [read more]

Mint Chip Ice Cream

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Growing up, mint chocolate chip ice cream was my very favorite frozen treat. I think it’s because it was green and as a kid, that was my favorite color. Well, technically green was tied with gold, my other favorite color but that’s neither here nor there (though my husband, who thinks he’s funny, likes to… [read more]