7 Foods to Beat Stress

7 foods to beat stress by myheartbeets.com

When I was in high school, my younger brother gave me this book for Christmas. I was MAD. I returned it without cracking it open. Seriously, what kind of gift is that, Rishi? Truth is, I probably should have read it. I have always been a total type-A. Well, now I’m more of a B… [read more]

Gingerbread Coffee Creamer

gingerbread coffee creamer by myheartbeets.com

I know it’s still pumpkin season but lately, it seems like my mind is on all things egg nog and gingerbread. I’ve been enjoying this gingerbread coffee creamer in my morning cup of joe these past couple weeks and I thought I’d share the recipe for those of you who are also getting into the holiday spirit a… [read more]

Cabbage Dolmas + Giveaway

cabbage dolmas mediterranean paleo - myheartbeets.com

These adorable little cabbage dolmas are stuffed with spiced ground beef and then simmered in a flavorful beef curry. This delicious and meaty dish is just one of more than 150 recipes in my friend Caitlin’s new cookbook, Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. You may already know that Caitlin of Grass Fed Girl is a certified nutrition… [read more]

Rum Cake

Grain-free and Dairy-free Rum Cake by myheartbeets.com

I used to be a shot girl. And, what I mean by that is… when I would drink, I would only do shots. Why? Because I never really cared for the taste of alcohol (and um, shots [er, more like a single shot] were effective…). Unfortunately, I’m dangerously close to being past the acceptable age… [read more]

Paleo Diwali Dessert Recipes

Paleo Diwali Desserts by myheartbeets.com

Just because you’re following a grain-free or dairy-free diet, doesn’t mean you can’t partake in something sweet and delicious on Diwali! If you haven’t heard Michael Scott singing the Diwali Song on The Office, you should. It’s ridiculous and catchy. Diwali is the celebration of good over evil or light over dark. It’s celebrated on… [read more]