Date Syrup

a homemade natural sweetner: date syrup by

When I was a kid and someone gave my family a box of chocolates, I would take a bite out of every single chocolate in the box and then put them all back like I hadn’t touched them. At some point, I’d get caught but the thrill of stealing sweet bites of chocolate was always… [read more]

Sloppy Joe Boats

sloppy joe boats by

I am convinced that this is the best sloppy joe I have ever had. It’s sweet, spicy, smoky and sophisticated. It’s like the grown up version of the childhood favorite! I simmered the spiced ground beef in tomato sauce, spiked it with a hit of tangy apple cider vinegar and added a bit of sweet… [read more]

Bread Casserole

Paleo Bread Casserole by

Fact: Casseroles are a comfort food. Fact 2: Bread casserole takes comfort to another level. This bread casserole is a hearty dish that’s completely adaptable according to your taste. My recipe calls for ground beef, apples, sweet potatoes and plenty of fresh sage, but I have made this same dish with ground pork, hot sausage,… [read more]

Cranberry Chocolate Skillet Cake

cranberry chocolate skillet cake - paleo friendly - by

This cranberry chocolate skillet cake is sweet, moist, chocolatey and delicious. Fresh orange zest adds bright citrus flavor which goes well with the tart cranberries and sweet dark chocolate. I prefer eating this cake while it’s still slightly warm, so that the chocolate chunks are still a bit gooey. Not only is this cake delicious, I… [read more]

Plum Cake

Plum cake by

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Roby (the husband) had to work on Christmas day but that gave me plenty of time to prepare a delicious Christmas dinner for him. I made country ham, biscuits, dark chocolate cranberry skillet cake, paleo bread casserole, collards, mashed potatoes AND this lovely plum cake, topped with “powdered… [read more]