Shami Kebab

A popular melt-in-your-mouth minced meat kebab - from

There’s a funny story about the origination of the Shami Kebab, a minced meat kebab that literally melts in your mouth. It’s said that a chef invented this silky smooth kebab during the Mughal era – for an elderly nobleman who had lost his teeth. This toothless nobleman wanted to be able to enjoy meat,… [read more]

Paleo Banana Bread

perfectly moist banana bread - uses a secret ingredient!

< This is not your typical banana bread… it’s better. Why? Because I use a super special secret ingredient to make this Paleo Banana Bread awesome. Banana bread has a rep of  being sort of dry and crumbly – nothing special. I wasn’t a fan of it growing up, but this paleofied version… oh it’s… [read more]

Garlic Fish Curry

simple and tasty garlic fish curry by

This garlic fish curry couldn’t be easier to make – it’s a simple, spicy and of course, garlicky. Roby and I are observing Lent this month and so seafood has been on the menu a lot lately. While we’d be happy eating this shrimp curry every week, I figured it was time for something new.… [read more]

How to Grow Garlic Scapes Indoors

grow garlic scapes in a shot glass - on your windowsill!

I have a brown thumb. Both figuratively and well, literally (I’m Indian, so my thumb is brown…). The point is, I’m terrible at growing things. I’ve killed nearly every house plant I’ve ever had and last year, when I bought some herb plants for my kitchen, they died within the week. There are very few… [read more]