Cinnamon Raisin N’Oatmeal (No Oats!)

cinnamon and raisin paleo oatmeal by

“What do you eat for breakfast?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from readers. My answer: leftovers. Or, leftovers mixed with scrambled eggs. I usually don’t eat a fancy breakfast, at least not on weekday mornings. Crispy waffles, frittatas, prosciutto egg cups and oat-free oatmeal are usually reserved for special… [read more]

Thai Beef and Broccoli Soup

Thai beef and broccoli soup by

When it’s cold outside, I’ll make one of the following for dinner: casserole, soup or a one-pot meal. It’s how I cope with the cold. When I get home from work (after walking what seems like a mile in the bitter cold just to get to my car), I immediately take a hot shower, put… [read more]

Red Velvet Waffles

Grain-free Red Velvet Waffles by

I have been on a waffle making frenzy. Ever since my mom(in-law) let me borrow her waffle-maker, I have been experimenting with all types of waffle recipes. My last blog post was for 3-ingredient crispy waffles. With Valentine’s day coming up, I thought I’d try making something festive: Red Velvet Waffles! These were so, so… [read more]

3 Ingredient Crispy Waffles

3-ingredient crispy gluten-free waffles by

I finally understand why people are so crazy about waffles. Excuse me… I mean, WAFFLES! Wow. They’re incredible. Yes, I realize that I’m bragging about my own waffles BUT the fact is, until recently… I had never made waffles. I can’t believe how much I have been missing out. They’re ridiculously easy to make and… [read more]

Blender Hollandaise Sauce

blender hollandaise sauce by

I want to rename this recipe magic sauce, because it can transform the simplest dish into something absolutely magical. Hollandaise sauce is a smooth, golden, buttery sauce that takes minutes to make when using a blender. Once you see how easy this is to make, you’ll be drizzling this creamy sauce on top of everything.… [read more]