Carrot Drunken Noodles + Real Life Paleo

Carrot Drunken Noodles by

Before cleaning up my diet, I was obsessed with drunken noodles. It was my go-to dish whenever I’d eat at a Thai restaurant and it was also one of the first recipes that I tried to re-create when I first started blogging. Yep, that’s right, this is the second drunken noodle recipe that I’m sharing on my… [read more]

Chipotle Chicken and Green Beans

Chipotle Chicken and Green Beans by

I’m a little obsessed with this recipe for chipotle chicken and green beans. It’s SO simple to make and yet it SCREAMS flavor. It doesn’t whisper flavor… it SCREAMS it. Sorry for the caps lock… I’ll stop (for now). But really, you must try this chicken recipe. It’s a little spicy, a little smoky and perfectly savory. It’s surprisingly delicious… [read more]

Instant Pot: Shredded Chicken

How to make shredded chicken in an Instant Pot for easier meal prep - recipe on

Let’s be real here, this isn’t so much a recipe as it is a post about how and why to prepare chicken in advance. I’m sharing directions on how to make shredded chicken in an Instant Pot (an electronic pressure cooker) but you can just as easily use your slow cooker to make this too! I just happen… [read more]

Instant Pot Saag

Saag made in an Instant Pot - recipe by

What’s better than some creamy dreamy Saag? Saag made in an INSTANT. Like, in an Instant Pot – or any (electronic) pressure cooker, really. Not sure what saag is? It’s kind of like the Indian version of creamed spinach – only, without cream. It’s typically made with ghee and so that’s what I’m using in this… [read more]

Maryland Crab Cakes + Without Grain

gluten-free Maryland crab cakes on

I grew up in northern Virginia, and so I’ve had my fair share of Maryland crab cakes. Let me tell you that this gluten-free version is spot on. As soon as I saw this recipe in my friend Hayley’s soon to be released cookbook, Without Grain, I knew I HAD to make it. If you’ve… [read more]

Honey Dijon Chicken

Honey Dijon Chicken by

This is a classier version of what you’d expect honey mustard chicken to taste like. It’s a recipe that’ll make everyone happy – kids and adults. It’s sweet, but it still has a little bite to it. The dijon, a medium-hot mustard, and the freshly ground black pepper add a little heat to what would otherwise be a fairly… [read more]

Dairy-Free Caprese Salad

Dairy-free Caprese Salad by

Dairy-free Caprese Salad?! What’s not to love about Caprese salad? It’s so simple to make and yet it looks so elegant! Because this is a dairy-free recipe, there’s no mozzarella. Instead, I’m using the “cheese” dumplings recipe from my new eBook. These “cheese” dumplings are creamy and also slightly firm, just like mozzarella! This is… [read more]

Texas Beef Chili + Down South Paleo

Texas Beef Chili recipe on

Now this is a true Texas Beef Chili. No, I’m not from Texas nor am I a chili connoisseur (that’s a thing, right?)… BUT this recipe is from my sweet friend Jennifer, who’s a true southern gal and knows her stuff. This flavorful and comforting Texas Slow Cooker Beef Chili is from her new cookbook, Down South… [read more]

Blueberry and Goat Cheese Hand Pies

Blueberry and Goat Cheese Hand Pie - paleo, gluten-free, grain-free by

I’m cheating here. This recipe is nearly identical to the mini peach pie recipe that I shared with you guys last summer. And THAT peach pie recipe was basically a riff off of my apple turnover recipe. The thing is, these blueberry and goat cheese hand pies are SO good that I felt like they deserved… [read more]

Hemp Milk

How to make Hemp Milk by

This creamy hemp milk is the easiest homemade dairy-free milk that I’ve ever made. There’s nothing to soak, nothing to peel… all you have to do is blend, chill and drink. Once you start making your own hemp milk, you’ll probably never buy it from the store again. That’s because not only is it ridiculously simple… [read more]