Goat Curry in a Hurry (Instant Pot Recipe)


What’s better than slow-cooked goat curry? Goat curry that tastes slow-cooked but is actually made in a fraction of the time! Thanks to the instant pot, you can now make goat curry in a hurry 😉

Goat Curry - authentic Indian recipe by myheartbeets.com

It’s kind of surprising to me that one of my most popular recipes on the blog is my slow cooker goat curry. I honestly had no idea that so many of you eat and enjoy goat meat. I absolutely love it, and it really makes me happy to see that you all do too! I make my goat curry all the time, and while it’s definitely worth the wait… I’m an impatient girl.

I want a big bowl of goat curry that tastes slow-cooked… BUT I want it fast. I like my curry… in a hurry.

Since I want dinner on the table ASAP, I figure you guys do too – which is why I’m sharing my recipe for goat curry made in an Instant Pot, an electronic pressure cooker. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, I’m sure a regular pressure cooker will work just fine. The reason I love the Instant Pot is because I can saute the aromatics (onion, garlic, ginger, spices) and cook the curry all in one pot. It’s an amazing device that makes clean up a breeze.

“All I can say is wow! This was utterly delicious. And I’m looking forward to the next time I test drive one of your recipes.”


Can I use Onion Masala in this Recipe?

If you have my onion masala prepared, then use 1 cup of onion masala and omit the onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic in this recipe. Easy!

If you’re not familiar with my onion masala series, please read about it – it makes Indian cooking so much easier!

Goat Curry - authentic Indian recipe by myheartbeets.com

To make this goat stew even more comforting, I cut some potatoes in half and added them to the pot. It’s one of my favorite recipes to make during the colder months.

Make this the perfect meal by serving it with these tangy spiced potatoes also made in an Instant Pot and Indian flatbread or basmati rice.

A review of the rotimatic - roti making machine

Can’t wait to hear what you think of this!

Goat Curry in a Hurry (Instant Pot Recipe)

Goat Curry - authentic Indian recipe by myheartbeets.com

Goat Curry in a Hurry (Instant Pot Recipe)

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Cuisine Indian


  • 2 tablespoons oil of choice I like avocado oil
  • 2 pounds bone-in goat or lamb pieces (shoulder or leg)
  • 2 onions diced
  • 1 ½ inch knob fresh ginger minced
  • 3 cloves garlic minced



  • 2 14 ounce cans organic diced tomatoes
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ pound potatoes leave whole, optional


  • Press the sauté button on the Instant Pot, and add the oil and goat meat to the pot. Once the outside of the meat begins to brown, add the onion, garlic, ginger and spices. Stir-fry for 2-3 minutes.
  • Pour in the diced tomatoes, water and potatoes if using.
  • Secure the lid, close the pressure valve and cook for 45 minutes at high pressure.
  • Allow the pressure to release naturally.
  • If you'd like for the dish to have a thicker consistency, press the sauté button to reduce or boil off extra liquid.


  • If you'd like to make this using my onion masala, use 1 cup of onion masala and omit the onion, ginger,  garlic, and tomatoes.
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  1. Hamir says

    1 star
    This recipe is ridiculous. I’m not sure if Ashley has ever used an instant pot to cook a tomato based sauce but this will leave you with a watery meh of a result. I feel sad that she and most of the reviewers here have never tasted real curry.

    The beginning is OK, fry the goat in oil (Not avocado oil, it’s a great salad oil but not a fit here)

    Then take out the meat and fry just the onions until they are at least a deep brown, preferably a little black on the edges. THEN you can put in the ginger, garlic, and powdered spices, letting them cook until very aromatic. If you want to use the whole pods/seeds recommended in the recipe then you will need to prepare them in the instant pot before all of this or a separate pan. It’s generally better to just use the powder versions otherwise.

    Then the most important bit COOK YOUR TOMATOES. At least until you get a nice deep colour. Preferably whole tomatoes that you have diced or crushed as canned diced ones are kept in shape with chemicals that add a weird taste.

    Then you can continue with the remainder of the steps, seal, release, and serve.

    Follow these instructions and you will have a passable easy curry on your hands but unfortunately good curry isn’t something you can just pop in and go. As AM says in his review, this curry just ends up tasting like tomatoes with a hint of other ingredients hanging around.

    Unless you have marinated or pre-prepared your goat in some way cooking for only 45 minutes is going to leave you with some tough meat. There is a reason you generally need to order fresh goat meals hours or even the day before. I recommend letting it sit in plain yogurt for a day, no spices or anything special just meat in yogurt for 24 hours. It makes the goat fork-tender.

    I understand you are trying to make a cute quick recipe that fits in with the lazy pressure cooker culture that is growing but this is too far a sacrifice on the quality of the food.

  2. Yasmin says

    5 stars

    Love your recipes! This one came out delicious with some rice on the side! Your Kadhi is my go-to and i recently tried your dal in the IP that came out amazing too.

    I am desi and I appreciate AM’s feedback. Taking their feedback into consideration I browned the onions a little before adding the meat and then I also did not use canned tomatoes I used 3 large vine tomatoes and I pulsed them in a chopper/processor before adding to the pot. Thats about it. I also cooked the meat for 45 minutes, did a quick release then I added small peeled red potatoes halved and then turned on the cooker for another 10 minutes and they were perfect.

    Definitely will make this again!


  3. AM says

    2 stars
    I was skeptical about this recipe working out because I find that unless Indian curries start with thoroughly browning the onions and then adding tomatoes and thoroughly cooking the tomatoes, they lack the color or the depth of flavor. But given the reviews I tried it and really wanted it to work out. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. Way too much tomato. That’s all I could taste. Sautéing to dry out the liquid didn’t help much with flavor. I realised later that most reviews are by non-Indian folks. This lacks the deep brown color and the depth of flavor that north Indian curries have.

    • Natey214 says

      1 star
      Red wine would do well. After sautéing the goat, remove it and brown the onions deeply, pour in 1-2 cups of the wine, reduce until it no longer burns when you breathe in the fumes. Add the remaining ingredients and cook them together. I would recommend also cooking everything together for a bit before sealing to deepen the flavour.

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