15+ Indian Vegan Instant Pot Recipes


I have many Instant Pot Indian recipes on my blog, and so many of them are vegan! I’ve already shared two roundups with you for 35+ Indian Instant Pot Recipes and Vegetarian Indian Instant Pot Recipes. Now it’s time to share my favorite VEGAN Indian Instant Pot Recipes!

indian vegan instant pot recipes

If you are vegan, then you must try Indian food if you haven’t yet.

Chances are you’ve heard people say that being vegan is tough. Well, that’s not the case if you’re familiar with Indian cuisine. That’s because so many Indian dishes just so happen to be vegan. Being vegan is almost effortless when you know how to make Indian food. When I wrote my cookbook, Indian Food Under Pressure, I didn’t even realize how many of the recipes were naturally vegetarian and vegan. Out of the 60 recipes in my cookbook, 43 of the recipes are vegetarian, and most of those recipes just so happen to be vegan or can easily be adapted to be vegan!

15+ Indian Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

Butter Chickpeas aka Vegan Butter Chicken
Instant Pot Butter Chickpeas (Vegan Butter Chicken) See Recipe
Instant Pot Sambar
Instant Pot Sambar (Indian Split Pigeon Pea and Vegetable Soup)
This tamarind flavored lentil and vegetable stew is a very popular South Indian dish. It almost always accompanies idli or dosa.
See Recipe
Instant Pot Vegetable Biryani
Instant Pot Vegetable Biryani See Recipe
Instant Pot Rajma Indian Kidney Bean Curry
Instant Pot Rajma (Kidney Bean Curry)
Growing up with two Punjabi parents, this dish was in our regular dinner rotation. These melt-in-your-mouth kidney beans are coated in thick masala gravy, and they’re loaded with flavor. This dish is typically served with basmati rice.
If you’d like to make this using my onion masala, use 1 cup of onion masala and omit the onion, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes. Just add the onion masala in step 5 with the kidney beans and water.
See Recipe
Instant Pot Pea Pulao
Instant Pot Matar Pulao (Pea Pulao)
This mildly flavored rice dish, also known as matar pulao, is so easy to make. The caramelized onions, aromatic spices and the sweetness from the peas make this bowl of rice taste a little extra special.
See Recipe
instant pot sukhe kala chana
Instant Pot Sukhe Kala Chana (Spiced Brown Chickpeas)
These masala-coated brown chickpeas are considered a “dry curry” and are often paired with Indian flatbread. I personally love eating them as a snack alongside a cup of chai.
See Recipe
instant pot lemon rice
Instant Pot Lemon Rice
This popular South Indian rice dish is light, tangy and refreshing. The citrus flavor in the rice really comes through. You can eat this for breakfast, as a snack or as part of a meal. I enjoy eating lemon rice with a side of yogurt and Indian pickles.
See Recipe
Instant Pot Indian Vegetable Masala Pasta
Instant Pot Indian Vegetable Masala Pasta See Recipe
Instant Pot Aloo Baingan Masala
Instant Pot Aloo Baingan Masala See Recipe
Aloo Stuffed Karela (Potato Stuffed Bitter Melon)
Instant Pot Aloo Stuffed Karela (Potato Stuffed Bitter Melon) See Recipe
Chana Masala - Punjabi Chole (Spiced Chickpea Curry) made in an Instant Pot
Vegan Instant Pot Chana Masala – Punjabi Chole (Spiced Chickpea Curry
It usually takes several hours to prepare authentic Punjabi chole, but with this recipe, you can have delicious masala coated chickpeas on your plate in no time. The spices are key to making this curry, especially the dried mango powder (amchur) which adds tanginess and the roasted cumin powder which adds depth and aroma to the dish.
See Recipe
toor dal
Toor Dal Recipe – Instant Pot Spiced Yellow Lentils See Recipe
instant pot aloo methi
Instant Pot Aloo Methi (Potatoes with Fenugreek Leaves) See Recipe
Instant Pot Kerala Kadala Curry (Brown Chickpeas in Coconut Curry) by Ashley of MyHeartBeets.com
Instant Pot Kerala Kadala Curry (Brown Chickpeas in Coconut Curry) See Recipe
aloo matar - Indian potato pea curry
Instant Pot Aloo Matar (Potato Pea Curry)
This popular Punjabi curry is a simple and comforting dish. I almost always have potatoes in my pantry and a bag of frozen peas in the freezer and so even when the fridge is empty, I can still create this delicious curry. Potatoes and peas are humble ingredients, but when you serve them in a fragrant spiced tomato sauce, they really shine.
See Recipe
Instant Pot Indian Black Eyed Pea Curry
This popular Punjabi dish, also known as lobia masala, is made with buttery black eyed peas. This is a recipe that’s almost always served on New Year’s Day in our house because it’s thought to bring good luck. Don’t wait until then to make this though!
See Recipe

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  1. Anisha says

    Hi Ashley,
    Your Veg Biryani recipe is a family fave now! Easy to make and quite flavorful! Thank you

  2. Jana Marko says

    I have leaned into vegan eating, and it is thankfully mostly possible due to learning Indian cuisine. It is hands down the best cuisine for eating vegetables.

    Instant pot jus makes it easier.

  3. Mansi says

    Hi Ashley, I have been silently following your recipes on Facebook for over a year now (even though I didn’t own an Instant Pot then but wanted to). I finally got one this black Friday and decided to be brave and try out your vegetable pulao recipe yesterday. IT WAS AMAZING. I am not much of a cook but yours was a no fail recipe with all the spices “just right” and with the exact pressure time etc it was super easy to follow. I will be trying the Masala Pasta recipe today and am sooooo excited. Thank you 🙂

    • My Heart Beets says

      Mansi, I’m so happy to hear that!! Thank you so much for letting me know how it turned out for you 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you think of the masala pasta and any other recipes that you try!

  4. Jill says

    Must try these! I’m always on the hunt for different vegetarian options. We try to go meatless a few times per week but get bored so quickly with the same old veggies and roti! Also the instant pot makes it easy!!

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