3 Ingredient Paleo Naan (Indian bread)

3-ingredient Paleo Naan by Ashley of MyHeartBeets.com - use this as a flatbread, tortilla, or crepe!!

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Yes, you read that right. I think I have invented Paleo Naan and it only requires THREE ingredients. Truthfully, it was my mom who came up with this recipe but since I’m her kid, she has given me full permission to claim this genius recipe as my own. The beauty of this recipe is that you can make this into a savory tortilla type of bread OR you can use it to make a dessert crepe! The secret is in the amount of batter you use. It’s the most versatile batter EVER!

What is Naan?

For those of you who have never eaten naan – it’s an oven-baked flat bread that you find in Indian restaurants. It’s made from white flour and baked in a tandoor oven; it comes out fluffy and soft and incredible. This batter can help you achieve that – minus the gluten. Just pour the batter into a greased or non-stick frying pan (eco-friendly if using non-stick) and cook until the batter is nice and fluffy. If you want to make a dessert crepe, use less batter to make a thinner crepe (see directions below).

Oh, how I have missed using naan to scoop up my stew and Indian curry dishes. A lot of Indian people eat with their hands. The naan is almost like a spoon in a way – it scoops up the meat and veggies and sops up the savory sauce. I grew up eating Indian bread (roti, naan, stuffed paratha, puri, bhatura) and so being able to recreate this has been an important part of my paleo journey. I miss eating food that I grew up with – and now I can eat these dishes guilt-free – with a Paleo twist.

Now keep in mind this is a Paleo recipe. If you’re used to eating naan every day, you’re obviously going to notice a huge difference. Just remember that this naan is good for you. And, it’s delicious.

The three ingredients that make up this magical batter are: almond flour, tapioca flour and coconut milk (the kind that comes in a can and it must be full fat). If I’m making naan (or Pizza Crust or a tortilla), then I add a bit of salt. If I want this to be a dessert crepe, then I leave it as is. This batter is great because you can add whatever you want to it. Want some garlic naan? Add minced garlic. Want to throw some spices in the mix? Do it. Want to slather the naan with some incredible grass-fed ghee? Why wouldn’t you?!

In addition to making Paleo Naan, you can also make Paleo Crepes. Cook them on slightly lower heat and don’t use as much batter. Fill the crepe with something sweet (apple butter, lemon curd, chocolate chips) and take a bite of awesomeness.

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What else can I make with Paleo Naan?
Can’t eat nuts?

I’ve developed a nut-free recipe: Paleo Roti.

What can I eat with Naan?

If you’re looking for some Indian curries, I have A LOT on my blog. Here are some of the most popular recipes:

If you love Indian food, check out my eBook: South Asian Persuasion: 100+ Paleo Indian Recipes.

Have more questions?

I’ve put together a post on Commonly Asked Questions about Paleo Naan as well as my answers + tips.

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3-ingredient Paleo Naan by Ashley of MyHeartBeets.com - use this as a flatbread, tortilla, or crepe!!

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3 Ingredient Paleo Naan (Indian bread)
  1. Mix all the ingredients together.
  2. Heat a 9.5 inch Nonstick Pan over medium heat and pour batter to desired thickness (see notes below).
  3. Once the batter fluffs up and looks firm/mostly cooked, flip it over to cook the other side (be patient, this takes a little time!).
  4. Enjoy this and make it often.
Options for Size:
- You can pour half the batter onto a 9.5 inch pan and cook - then repeat for a total of 2 large naans.
- You can pour ¼ cup of the batter onto your pan to make 6 small naans. These will cook faster than the large naans.
- If you want to make a dessert crepe, pour the batter and spread it out as thin as you can.

- If you are not using a non-stick pan, you will need to use some sort of oil/ghee/fat to keep the batter from sticking.

- If the cream has solidified in your canned coconut milk, then mix well before using.
Paleo Naan (Just 3 ingredients!)

Paleo Naan (Just 3 ingredients!)

paleo crepe filled with apple butter!

paleo crepe filled with apple butter!


  1. Justin says

    i think this is the recipe i’ve been waiting for! looks soooo good. i’ll make some (or have someone make some for me) and check back in! thanks Ashley!

      • Brenna says

        These were soooo good! I needed a few extra carbs in my life today and whipped these up quick. Next time I think I shall make quesadillas! I have a few leftovers, how should I store them?

      • Ryan says

        Just to verify, have you tried almonds before? They’re not nuts:

        The fruit of the almond is a drupe, consisting of an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed (which is not a true nut) inside…

        • Anon says

          Comforting to know you can read wikipedia. An almond is still a tree nut. It might not be the same as a peanut, and may not cause the same reaction as a peanut. But it is still necessary to avoid as the potential is still there for a reaction, especially if someone is predisposed to a cross reaction (ground nuts vs tree nuts). Having said that if they are only allergic to peanuts they can be assessed for other allergies by a professional. Safer to just sub.

        • Marci says

          It may be a drupe, but it is classified as a tree nut, and if someone is allergic, they cannot have it. It absolutely can cause the same reaction as a peanut allergy.

          • ion says

            Peanuts are NOT a tree nut, nor are they classified as one they are legume and a completely separate allergy from tree nut allergy. I have 5 kids with food allergies. My kids are allergic to peas & lentils & must avoid peanuts because they are part of the same family – this is directly from our allergist. Being allergic to peanuts does not mean you are allergic to nuts, more likely you would be allergic to something from the same family – which are legumes. Here is a very informative site that our allergist directed us to for extra info – I already navigated to the peanut issue, now stop spreading misinformation: http://www.foodallergy.org/allergens/peanut-allergy

            And thank you so much for the recipe, it’s lovely!

        • Keri says

          Almonds are absolutely nuts. Peanuts are ground nuts. All other nuts are tree nuts. And all tree nuts fit into your description, Ryan, as a drupe – A nut is a fruit composed of a hard shell and a seed…which still makes it a nut. Someone who is allergic to tree nuts cannot just experiment with other tree nuts, unless they’ve been given the “all clear” from their allergist. Additionally, if someone is allergic to peanuts, they are not necessarily allergic to tree nuts, and vice versa. Regardless, it is not something to be taken lightly. If someone is allergic to any type of nut, eating something that has nuts in can mean life or death for them. Speaking from personal experience. Grateful to see Ashley has now developed a nut-free recipe as an alternative to this one!

        • Jess says

          It depends whether you want to keep it gluten free. Oat flour is not gluten free. Despite “uncomtaminated oats” being considered gluten free due to not being contaminated by the wheat grain, they, like quinoa, contain a protein similar to gluten which, in some Coeliacs and gluten intolerants, can cause the same reaction that gluten does due to the protein similarity. If you’re a Coeliac, you’ve had it before and you don’t react, I’m sure it’s ok (Check with your doctor and dietician first!), though keep in mind, not every exposure causes symptoms but can still do damage and you probably wouldn’t want to serve it to your Coeliac friends unless you know how they react to it too. But if you’re just doing it coz you like the recipe then hey, who am I to judge, and in which case I’d have no idea.

    • Preeti says

      Hi Ashley
      I tried this naan this evening but used tapioca starch (which I am told is same as tapioca flour) but it was very sticky when breaking the naan to eat. Any suggestions?

      • says

        Hi Preeti, can you tell me what brand of tapioca flour you’re using? I’ve heard from others that if you buy tapioca flour from an Asian grocery store it’s not the same – so I want to make sure you’re using a quality brand. It definitely shouldn’t be sticky – if you can give me more details, hopefully we can figure this out!

        • Maaza says

          Hi Ashley,

          I was wondering what brand of tapioca flour do you normally use for this recipe? Is it the Rob’s Red Mill brand that you provided the hyperlink for?

          I had a similar issue to Preeti when I made the naan. The outside/edges cooked well but the inside was very sticky/chewy. I bought a small amount of tapioca flour from a store that sells everything in bulk bins-so unfortunately I don’t know what brand it was.

          Please let me know. Thanks.

          • says

            Hi Maaza, I use these brands: Bob’s Red Mill or Now Foods I’ve heard some people have had issues buying tapioca flour from Asian grocery stores (not sure if that’s where you got yours?), so I’d stick to one of the brands I mentioned above. You may also want to try lowering the heat so that the middle cooks and the edges don’t burn. Hope this helps!

            • Scarlett says

              I was so excited to make these, but I came up with gooey-on-the-inside naan too. I made sure that the batter was fairly dry on top before I flipped them because I wanted to make sure they were cooked through, but still the inside was sticky. I’ve got them in the oven now to see if that will change things, but I’m not sure what I did wrong… I used Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour and Tapioca Flour and Chaokoh coconut milk. Hmm. I wish I knew how to fix it! I really want to eat homemade, gluten-free naan!

              • Angel says

                myself as well, I used Bob’s red mill tapioca flour, and almond meal flour, and badia coconut milk, I found that I had to turn the heat WAAAAYYYYYYYY down, to like, 5 and it took most certainly forever to finish one, and still found that they could stand a good 45 minutes in the oven. Trust me, none of this stopped me from eating it though! LOL.. best of luck, look forward to the replies too!

                • Aric Outlaw says

                  Same here, I have used Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca and Almond flour. I’ve tried cooking it hot and fast, low and slow and everything in between. I have used whole fat coconut milk and 40% and I get the same results and I’ve tried 3 different brands of coconut milk. Crispy on the outside and almost “gummy” on the inside. I’ve attempted this on 4 separate occasions with no luck. Could this be simply because of Bob’s Red Mill?

        • Carrie says

          I also bought tapioca flour from health shop it didn’t work. It went into liquid scruffy and then stuck to the pan and went very sticky and chewy. What do you suggest😯

      • SB says

        Just made this with asian grocery store tapioca, trader joe’s almond meal, and some coconut milk. Worked reasonably well for me, just had to make sure it was super thin (spread it out w/ a spoon). Not perfect but pretty good and tastes nice.

      • Bobbie says

        I only had a 1/4 cup of tapioca flour substituted the other 1/4 cup equally with potato starch and arrowroot and it turned out great. Not as gooey as the straight tapioca I have made this recipe 4 times now love it! Thank you so much for creating it :)

    • Daniela says

      I just love this recipe. I make about 2 times or more per week. I eat it for breakfast. Also, I alternate the almond recipe with the flax one. All of us love it! Thank you!!!

      • says

        I just tried it with coconut flour and it was an epic fail…no matter how much water i added even an egg , it crumbled apart.

          • Ben says

            I just made this recipe, but substituted the almond flour with 3 parts coconut flour and 1 part tapioca flour (I doubled the recipe so the final mix was 3/4 cup each coconut and tapioca flour and 2 cups of coconut milk). Since the coconut flour is more absorbent than most other flours, I should have used maybe 1/2 cup coconut flour to create a thinner, less sticky batter. Once I was able to wrangle the mixture into a naan-like shape, the final product was quite good and was fairly pliable, but did not hold together quite as well as naan typically does. I’m excited to continue to perfect this, and I can’t wait to try it with a desert!

            Thanks for posting :)

      • Michele says

        I was just going to suggest arrowroot as well; they are similar starches. I much prefer the chewiness that tapioca provides though.

    • Mirna says

      Hi Jeanette,
      Coconut flour is kind of the opposite to tapioca, it can go quite dry and crumbly and usually requires a lot of extra eggs. Tapioca holds recipes together while keeping them soft and pliable. I would love to know if you had a successful turnout! :) x

    • Rawria says

      I made this naan last night and it was awesome! My daughter enjoyed it, it was her first time eating something bread-like instead of meat, veggies, or fruit. The recipe is so easy and quick, very important for a busy mom with a clingy baby. I was able to make this with one hand while holding my baby with the other, that’s how easy it was! This opens up a world of opportunities for meal ideas, thank you so much for sharing the recipe! We can’t have dairy so we brushed it with more coconut oil and it was just perfect! ^_^

  2. says

    Giiirl. These look INCREDIBLE! I love that you blended in tapioca flour with almond flour, and thus didn’t need eggs. No eggy taste, yay! Can’t wait to try this! :)

  3. Maja says

    Fantastic- I’ve been looking for a Paleo Naan bread recipe :) Could you please suggest what would work instead of tapioca flour?? Thanks a lot!!

    • says

      Hi Maja! I’m not sure there is a good substitute for tapioca flour; tapioca is unique in that it adds a bit of chewiness to the bread. That said, I suggest you play around with this recipe and have some fun! I plan to try out different ingredients – if I find a good sub I will let you know :)

    • Rawria says

      Maja, I’ve read that arrowroot and tapioca flours are interchangeable in most recipes. If I have enough almond flour left tomorrow, I’ll try the recipe with arrowroot flour to see how it turns out and let you know.

      • Maja says

        Thanks so much for your replies. I’m just not sure where if can find tapioca flour, I live in Switzerland and it does not seem to be common in supermarkets.

        • Rawria says

          Do you have any Asian markets in your area? They are known to carry tapioca flour, sweet potato flour, etc and usually way cheaper than health food stores! That is where I had to buy these flours when I lived in Germany. (P.S.-waiting on my daughter to wake so I can try the recipe with the arrowroot, she sleeps on my lap. I haven’t forgotten!) ^_^

        • Rawria says

          Ok, I tried it with the arrowroot flour and it works, but is slightly gummier than with tapioca. Also, the batter was runnier than with tapioca, so the naan is thinner, more like crepes or tortillas. They are still flexible and sturdy, and tasted the same. I added some peppermint extract and carob powder to half the batch and made mint chocolate crepes 😉

          • Robin says

            Were you happy with the final product subbing arrowroot for tapioca?? Searching for a tortilla alternative for my five year old son. Tapioca, rice flour….all of those subs in gluten free baking actually spike his blood sugar higher than standard wheat/white flour :(. I made tortillas from almond flour, arrowroot, water and salt and they tasted great but they were not flexible enough to fold. Maybe the coconut milk will make the difference!

            • Lisa says

              I’m trying to make low carb/gluten free for my celiac mom and diabetic dad and me ( who is gluten intolerant and diabetic). Is arrowroot lower in carbs? I know the almond flour and coconut milk are lower carb. I made these as is and my parents raved about them. So, I would love to make these even lower in carbs because I can see my dad trying to use them for everything.

              • Tiffani says

                Unfortunately, arrowroot has even more carbs than the tapioca flour. I’m having a similar problem trying to figure out a substitute as well because these are simply delicious!

  4. breanna says

    so so SO SO SO GOOD!!! just whipped these up for lunch, and we LOVED them! I feel like they’ll function more as a tortilla in my house than naan…they beg to be filled with yummy things! they hold together super well. I couldn’t resist adding some raw cheddar and making a quesadilla with salsa and avocado…oh dear me…crazy delicious!

    in summary: THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • says

      Breanna, that’s awesome! I’m SO glad you love it and that you’ll make this often! That quesadilla does sound crazy delish – I think I’ll make one tonight :) Thank you for letting me know how it turned out!!

  5. Fuch says

    Hey, first thanks for the recipe it looks super easy to make!, but my mother is allergic to coconut and i wondered if i can substitute it with some butter?

    • says

      Hi there! Hmm, if she is allergic to coconut then you clearly can’t use coconut milk. The thing is that the canned coconut milk is very thick and so replacing it with almond milk or regular milk won’t give you the same consistency. I think it can be done but you would need to adjust the proportions – try adding a little milk at a time until you have a pancake-like batter. As for using butter as a replacement – I have no idea. If you try, please report back!

      • belinda says

        if you can eat dairy, maybe try cultured buttermilk, it would have have a similar consistency to coconut milk, and is often used in pancakes etc, gives a nice flavour and lightness.

  6. Cathy L says

    I think I found you on Pinterest.
    This truly is a wonderful recipe — endlessly adaptable — I can see it as a substitute for hamburger buns and also as an accompaniment to lots of mexican dishes. The end result is so puffy and flexible well done!
    Thank you for posting this — this recipe needs to go viral!
    Also looking forward to exploring all of your other recipes.

  7. Lou Ann Walker says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I am so tired of throwing out grain-free experiments when those ingredients are expensive! I made this tonight and it was a hit… even my picky husband like it. I did add a tablespoon of coconut flour because the batter seemed thin.(but I used a 8.5oz package of coconut milk) and they came out awesome. I could see using this thin and filled with fruit as well. Tonight it was used as a tortilla for fajitas and I truly loved it! Thanks again!

  8. Stacy S says

    I just wanted to THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this recipe!
    I made this last night to go with our Tikka Masala – and WOW!! Perfect!

    It took longer to cook than I expected, but oh so worth it. (And, now I know to start them a bit earlier.)

  9. Heather Tobey says

    This just made my entire weekend! I wish you could know how absolutely excited I am about getting to eat NAAN! Thanks for this awesome, healthy recipe! Can’t wait to try it.

  10. says

    Holy WOW! This is delicious! I’m a Nutrition & Fitness coach who likes to try recipes for recommending them. I also lead a pretty low-carb lifestyle for blood sugar reasons. This one is a winner and I’ll be giving it the thumbs up to my clients for sure!

  11. Sarah says

    Just made this using a half cup coconut flour and ahalf cup arrowroot starch because that is what I had on hand. It required 1.5 cups canned coconut milk. No surprise that it made 3 naan. I was so happy to see this on the Just Eat Real Food Facebook page. My husband is Nepalese and this kind of thing has been missing from our diet since going paleo. This is a very good replacement! Soon I will try it with garlic or maybe even make onion kulchha.

    • says

      Sarah, I’m so glad you made it work for you! I’m sure other readers will appreciate knowing what other ingredients you can use as a substitute. Onion kulchha sounds great :)

  12. Chris V says

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
    I can use this for hummus, for burritos…..oh to have burritos again!!!! I have several food allergies and this recipe has none of them!

  13. Scott says

    So are you using anything in the pan to keep it from sticking? I do a very similar recipe for breakfast.

    1/3 cup coconut flour
    1/3 cup tapioca flour
    1/2 tsp Himalayan sea salt
    1 cup coconut milk
    7 eggs

    mix with a mixer well.

    oven at 425.

    large round pan with 1/3 cup coconut oil.

    put pan in oven to melt oil and get hot, then pour in the mixture and cook for 25 min .

    We call it the Big Pancake..kids love it, eat it with cinnamon/bananas on top, or jam, syrup, what ever you prefer…I prefer banana and cinnamon.

    • says

      I use ghee or coconut oil sometimes – but it’s not necessary if you’re using a non-stick pan. I love that you call your recipe the Big Pancake :) It sounds delicious – I’ll have to try that sometime!

    • says

      Hi Pam! I would try cooking them longer. If you’re worried about it burning, just lower the heat from medium to low. You want to make sure they’re cooked properly :) I hope this helps!

  14. says

    These are so amazing! There are so many times it feels like a meal needs a little “bread” to go with it. This is the answer! Thank you.

  15. Tiffany-Sarah says

    Hi There
    Is there a way to substitute the almond flour for another one as I am intolerant to nuts, soy, gluten, wheat, beans, legumes… let me know :) I was thinking possibly teff flour? let me know xo

      • Hilarie says

        I would like to make a nut-free version of this as well. I was so excited to see egg-free only to be bummed out by the almond flour. Oh well, I’m used to it by now. It’s tough to do paleo without nuts and eggs. Keep me posted! Thank you.

          • Marci says

            You could also try ground, raw sunflower seeds. My son is allergic to peanuts, and before we were cleared to eat almonds, we used “sun-flour” as an almond flour sub all the time. It does work best in recipes where there is a longer bake time, so low & slow with this recipe might be better (or a quick sear & then bake?) Just a thought, but for all those with nut allergies, just wanted to suggest sunflower (allergies are so hard!!)

  16. Denise says

    OMG!!! I just made these for the first time like tortillas. I had the first two with melted butter. Another two with beef carnitas, hot sauce and sour cream. I am in heaven! It was so easy to make with 3 ingredients. Ingredients I always have on hand. Yum! Thank you!!!

  17. Julie says

    Just tried ur recipe! Wonderful! I opted for savory and added some garlic powder and celery salt and it was great. I think I’ll add some Parmesan cheese next time. And u can believe me, there will be a next time. Thanks for the recipe.

  18. Elena says

    I LOVED THESE! Thank you so much for the recipe. I can’t have eggs so I was so excited to find a crepe AND a Naan substitute. I just wrapped up carnitas inside and ate the whole thing. Well not the whole batch. Saving some for the man :)
    My son will also be ecstatic. After we found Rudi’s tortilla’s he said it pretty much revolutionized his life. How much so with these!!!! Easy enough for a bachelor to make. Thanks so so so much.

    • says

      Elena, thank you so much for your comment. I think you’ve come up with a great tagline for the naan: “Easy enough for a bachelor to make.” :) Glad to hear that you and your family will enjoy this.

  19. Erin says

    Ok, this might be a dumb question BUUUUT is the coconut milk refrigerated and do you shake it to mix it all up or just scoop out the creamy part?

    • says

      Erin, there’s no such thing as a dumb question! You don’t have to refrigerate it – but I do suggest mixing the canned coconut milk with a spoon before you use it. That way the creamy part mixes with the watery part :)

  20. Mimi says

    Love this recipe! But I don’t think I did it right. Is it supposed to be moist? The outside is crispy but the inside not so much.

  21. Adrienne Walker says

    Just made these. They are delicious! Unfortunately by the time I had finished making them I turned around and the curry had all been eaten! I am also going to try Scott’s Big Pancake. Sounds like the Dutch pancake I used to make years ago with apples and cinnamon baked in it as well.

  22. Deanna C. says

    Can I substitute almond milk for the coconut milk? My husband has a coconut allergy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  23. jenny says

    I just made these (with arrowroot flour. . Didn’t have tapioca)
    .. slathered them with hummus.
    THANK YOU! my bread monster is fed.

  24. Danielle says

    I love love love these. Thankyou so much for posting this recipe!!! Delicious, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!! So many things to have it with! Yummo!!

  25. Lynda says

    first try not so good because I didn’t let it cook enough on the first side second try Awesome!!! thanks for your help Ashley

  26. Stacy says

    OMG i loved these, so fluffly and chewy! i wanna make more of this tomorrow for my bf but i ran out of almond flour, do you think they will turn fine if i replace it with rice flour?

  27. says

    My very picky nine-year-old gluten free son ate the naan all up and did not leave even a crumb for his gluten free mom! Guess I’m gonna have to make some more! So worth it to see that his choice of good tasting gluten free foods is expanding! Thank you!

  28. says

    I love wrapping my food, and I love trying new recipes… but usually I change them a lot… this recipe was so perfect I didn’t change it at all! I made them thin and they are the perfect stretchy wraps!

    It was too good not to share, I liked back to your recipe on your blog, hope this is okay?

    Thank you thank you for an amazing recipe that is sure to become a staple in our house!!

  29. Amy says

    Where can you buy almond meal at and what if you want to use something else? Any other substitutes? Also, if you want to use raw milk cream instead of coconut milk, would that work?

    • says

      Hi Amy! You can find almond meal at most grocery stores in the organic section. You can also try ordering it online by clicking on the link in my ingredients list. I’m not sure about raw milk cream but if you try it out, please let me know how it turns out.

  30. says

    Thank you so much for this recipe Ashley! I’m not Paleo; I’ve been on Atkins and miss bread dearly! I’ve lost 21 pounds so far and want to loss 15 more. I was nearly at the end of my burnout rope and found your recipe. This Naan is fantastic! I added a few yeast flakes to give it the authentic bread taste that I love and plan to use this recipe for a pizza crust. Thanks so much… your commitment to clean eating has provided a needed and delicious alternative!

    • Sharon Olsson says

      This recipe is amazing as I am gluten and starch intolerant. I have experimented with almond substitutes (I can use almond meal) and have found chickpea flour works really well if you can get it. We can get it in Australia. Thanks so much for an amazing recipe! Sharon

      • says

        Thanks, Sharon! Yes, you can actually make bread with just chickpea flour and water – it’s not “Paleo” – but I think I plan on doing a post about this soon because it may help people in your situation!

        • Sharon says

          Thanks for that, I don’t know enough about Paleo just that most of the recipes work for me. Will keep an eye out, love your ideas.

  31. Jessica says

    Any idea as to the nutritional value of a serving of this recipe? Would love to try it out but i am tracking my food intake using myfitnesspal and want to be able to input it correctly.

    • says

      I have made this recipe a few times. I have had success with arrowroot and tapioca flours but do not substitute with pretty much anything else. This is the “glue” that holds the recipe together.
      I have used the canned coconut milk and it is the ONLY liquid I have had work. The thinner coconut/almond/rice milks that are made for drinking/cereal (in a carton) do not have the fat content to make this work.
      I also track my calories on MyFitnessPal and this is the nutritional info that it came up with:

      Servings 4
      Calories: 188
      Protein: 4g
      Fat: 18
      Carbs: 6

      I have been trying to create a lower cal version of this but this original recipe is always SO MUCH BETTER. Thank you for this recipe. I love it and use it all the time. And who doesn’t love a “mix and pour” bread recipes?!?!

  32. Becky says

    I am drooling over my desk right now reading this recipe! I am a recently diagnosed Celiac and cannot tell you how much I am missing GOOD bread! I can’t wait to try this over the weekend!!!

  33. Heidi Betts says

    I made these to go along with the amazing crock pot curry chicken. However, I substituted the almond flour with coconut flour (only because I was out of almond). They weren’t bad but a bit to oily and more like a crepe. I can’t wait to try this again with the almond flour!

  34. Nadra Sherazee says

    I love this!!!!!!! I am so geared to making this for my family. I grew up eating rotis& naans as a staple but ever since I went paleo I had given it up. But I am so glad u figured this out. Happy happy me! Thanks & did I mention u r awesome! Love all ur recipes.

      • Barbara DePue says

        Hi Ashley, just found your blog. I am on The Paleo Diet, to loose weight, and quit eating garbage….I love your Naan recipe, love the idea, but mine come out crispy outside, but so gooey inside…Used the right products…should I cook it longer, or stick them in the oven.
        Babs DePue

        • says

          Hi Babs! Glad you found my blog and happy to hear about your health journey! Have you seen my Naan FAQ page? That may help answer your questions. The oven might not be a bad idea if they’re still gooey inside. Let me know if you still have trouble!

  35. Claire says

    I have been searching everywhere for a good crêpe recipe. Each Christmas morning my dad makes crêpes with berries and cream and I was not about to go a year without it. I am on a “loose” paleo diet and egg white free for health reasons, so I was ecstatic to find this recipe. Even more so when it’s so delicious! Judge all you want, but it’s so good I had it for dinner last night with raspberry compote and coconut whipped cream… And again for breakfast.
    I will forever be grateful for you and your recipe!

    • says

      Claire, I’m so glad you love this! I’m also really happy to hear that you’ll get to enjoy your Christmas morning tradition :) I love getting comments list this – they make my day. Thank you!

  36. GudrunB says

    I found this a while ago and wanted to make it on the spot – too bad the only ingredient i had on hand was the coconut milk at the time :(
    since i got the rest and make it tonight, a little leery, cause hubby usually will eat what ever i make but may not be a fan. To my amazement he was ecstatic!!!! now i have to make more :)
    GREAT recipe, will have to link you my website if ever i geet to it…:D THANKS!!!!!

  37. Diane says

    I too can not have Almonds . I just recently picked up a package of Cashew Meal at Trader Joes . Do you think it will work ? I must have naan for Butter Chicken ! :0) Thank You !

  38. CodieD says

    I thought that these were REALLY good. I made a double batch to go with chicken tikka masala and some veggie saag. The one thing I did notice was that they are on the doughy side. I tried cooking them on low for longer and it didn’t seem to help. I loved how easy they were to make and they will surely make awesome crepes! They definitely held together for eating curries.

    I would love to try them with roasted garlic and or Parmesan as another reviewer said. Thank you for this.

  39. Katherine says

    Love the Naan bread recipe!!! Recently had to go through trial of being gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, egg, and sugar free – this recipe hit the spot with me and my three girls!! Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!

  40. Rebecca says

    These are INCREDIBLE!!! These do not taste like a Paleo hack. They taste like an original recipe.
    I made them to go with Tikka Masala instead of rice, because we are on a 21 Day Sugar Detox, and my whole family was blown away.
    We plan to use them as tortillas for tacos, to hold pulled pork, to slather with Nutella for an occasional treat, and the list goes on.

    I have one left that I have claimed for some chicken salad for lunch tomorrow.

    Thanks!! This is a game-changer for my family, and we have tried sooooo many things before. :)

    – Rebeca in Dallas, TX

    • says

      Rebecca, I’m SO happy to hear that you and your family love the naan!! Thank you so much for your comment – totally made my day! So glad to hear that you’ll be making this recipe often. I’m not sure if you saw but I posted a paleo samosa recipe using the naan batter today :) And I plan to post empanadas on Friday. Maybe your family will like those too :)

  41. Cathi says

    Is there anything that can take the place of any starch. I cannot have any starch, period at all. So, I have been trying to figure out what could take it’s place. Egg protein or Egg whites? Sunflower Lecithin? Do you have any ideas. I’ve done some research, but so far not sure what would take it’s place.

  42. Kim Smith says

    I put my left over one in my lunch for the next day and put it in the fridge. Nuked it for about 45 seconds. Room temp is best.. Mine were a little doughy in the center too but they do taste yummy!

  43. Josi says

    Hi there, these sound delicious and I’m definitely going to give them a try, can you tell me what the calories are per serving? Thanks x Jo

  44. ladyrogo says

    I’m new to baking and even though I have found conversion tables, I can never seem to get the measurements right.

    Please can you give me the measurements in grams and ml for the naans so I can’t go wrong?

  45. Judene says

    Oh wow these are AMAZING!! I haven’t had naan for sooo long and these have put a huge smile on my face!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You are brilliant :)

  46. says

    Just made this with coconut flour instead of almond flour and you’ll need to double or triple the liquid. I only had a cup of coconut milk (I make my own) so I just added water until the batter was about the consistency of pancake batter. This might be a little too thin though as the results are turning out crispier than naan.

  47. Briita says

    JUST found your website, and tried these. They were kind of awesome.. But gummy at the same time, are they suppose to be like that or were we not cooking them enough? The flavor was great, but texture was definitely not fluffy. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Briita! They shouldn’t be gummy – just try cooking on lower heat for a longer period of time. It’s hard to overcook the naan on low heat – so this should work for you. Let me know how it turns out!

  48. Kim says

    Made these last night as tortillas for tacos. They were delicious. I used regular coconut milk, not canned and made them a little thinner. The only issue I had was keeping them warm. Put on a cookies sheet in the oven on warm and they got a bit soggy. Maybe ajust right on the rack would be better. Will definitely make again! Thanks for the recipe.

  49. Cami says

    Hello! I was just wondering – if I wanted to fill the naan, do you have any suggestions as to the process? I love a good peshwari naan and am unsure how to insert a filling in while cooking this.

    Perhaps it’d be better off just going on top, to make the process less complicated!

  50. says

    I also tried the Naan bread recipe with fajitas tonight. I thought it turned out well and tasted great. It was gummy though, and that made me worry that it was under cooked, even though I cooked it for a long time. I would like to make this over and over. Can someone tell me if it should be a bit gummy inside? Is it the tapioca? Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Dino! It should be chewy but not gummy/undercooked. I’d suggest lowering the heat and cooking it for a longer period of time – it’s pretty hard to overcook the naan when using low heat. Also, make sure you’re using a 9.5 inch pan – if the batter is too thick it will take longer to cook. I hope this helps!

  51. Corey says

    I just wanted to say thank you! This recipe is soooo good and simple. It was a runaway hit at breakfast this morning. It’s opened up a whole lot of food possibilities for my family who are definitely missing tortillas and bread on our paleo adventure! Grain free has helped our bodies feel so much better but I still want to make my guys happy. This simple recipe is a great help! Thanks again. I love your site.

  52. grain free mama says

    omg, these are delicious and so easy. i was wondering if there are any ways to up the nutritional value/reduce the carbs – i can’t have too much tapioca flour (which is so essential to giving that wonderful stretch). any ideas?

  53. Kim says

    THANK YOU thank you thank you. This is fabulous and the best bread experience I’ve had since going paleo.

    If you’re cruising these comments and wondering if it’s worth the trouble of getting tapioca flour, the answer is YES. And make a quadruple batch. Not kidding.

  54. Lorna says

    I have made this recipe several times and I LOVE IT !!!,,, such a great treat,, I am celiac and this is the best recipe I have found so far ( in 3 yrs ) can’t thank you enough :) :)

  55. Jenn says

    My husband and I are making this right now! This is our first plunge into the Paleo/GF/Whole Foods World. We are loving the flavor and can’t wait to add and play with this to add our own special flare! THANKS!

  56. says

    I’ve had this recipe pinned for a while and just got to make it today (as I’m pairing it with the tandoori chicken thighs recipe from Nom Nom Paleo and the cucumber raita recipe from Creatively Paleo) and OMMMMGGGGG. I combined some ghee with some chopped garlic and slathered it at the end to make garlic naan, SO GOOD! Thank you so much for putting together this recipe 😀

  57. Valerie says

    WOW!!!! Completely satisfying. Even the sweet tooth is happy. Dont need anything on them. not bad as a pizza crust either.

    I have been searching for something that won’t fall apart since going gf 3 months ago.

    Thank you for posting for all to share.

  58. Sheri says

    I made these naan last night and I could’ve cried they were so yummy!! And so easy to make! I was shocked! I’m going to make some more this weekend and have some cheese and salsa on them! yummy!!!
    Oh and I’m trying those empanada’s too! Can’t wait!

  59. says

    I can’t tell you how much I love your blog! Paleo Indian breads! Who would’a thunk it! Thanks so much I’ll be making an Indian feast to post on my webpage this weekend! I’ll give you a rave. :)

  60. Amy says

    Hi Ashley,
    Just wanted to let you know that I tried your recipe replacing the tapioca flour with chickpea/garbanzo flour and it worked! Texture was a little different (more breakable, less foldable) but still completely usable as a naan. I LOVE the original recipe – however I had my Mulligatawny all ready for Meatless Monday when I realized I had no tapioca flour left – crisis! Especially considering how much my husband loves your naan recipe :) Thanks!

    • says

      Amy, that’s awesome – so glad you made it work for you! You can actually also make a flatbread using just garbanzo flour and water – we call it “besan ki omelette.” I made a paleo version here, but if you read my notes you can see how to make it using just garbanzo flour. Thanks for reading my blog :)

  61. chelle says

    will definitely try to make this tonight! I love naan and I’ll also try your paleo empanada recipe. Do you have the nutrition information for both recipes?


  62. Kathryn says

    Thank you for this recipe!
    I tweaked it to use the ingredients I had on hand and the time I could afford :)
    I doubled the ingredients, but used a good sized dallop (1/2 cup?) of sour cream in place of the coconut milk, and then thinned it with water to be a pancake batter consistency. I added some salt. I baked it in the oven at 400 in a 9×13 pan (first I melted some butter in the hot pan before adding the batter). Then I just cut it in slices. My husband and kids LOVED it!! My oldest was calling it ‘manna’. LOL!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  63. says

    INCREDIBLE! I have been craving naan for years, since my celiac diagnosis. I almost cried when I found the recipe. And the results did not disappoint! Mine was a little doughy, but delicious with the garlic and ghee I spread all over it. I’m sure the texture will improve on my next batch.

    I can’t wait to try more of your Indian recipes! Delightful foods like this make a paleo diet so enjoyable.

  64. Lesa says

    Love, love, your recipes! I made these but they keep coming out doughy. I’ve cook them for almost 4-5 minutes on first side & 3-4 minutes on second side and they are crunchy on the outside & doughy on the inside. My non-stick pan is no longer non-stick so it’s a caphlon pan that is as heavy as a cast iron pan. I’ve been using coconut oil so they don’t stick. I use Honeywell almond flour, very finely ground, & bob’s mill tapioca flour. Should I be using Bob’s mill almond flour or is it something else I’m doing wrong?

    • Lesa says

      I found out tonight why it was coming out doughy! I was using a skillet that measured 7″ across the bottom & 9″ across the top. I changed to a 9″ skillet across the bottom & only lightly greased the pan with coconut oil while it was cold. It made a hug difference…the bread came out dark golden brown, flakey in the areas that puffed up & chewy, not doughy, in the other places. I also had to cook each side about 12 minutes, the skillet is a very heavy duty one, on our gas stove top. I ate the first one all by myself…it was so good! I shared the second one with my husband! Thank you! :)

  65. Myrna says

    A friend told me about this recipe today — I couldn’t wait to try it. So easy, and the whole family loved them. I doubled the recipe, then made them smaller after the first big one was hard to flip — silver dollar-style dollops, 4 to the pan. Made it easier and faster to fill waiting hands, too!

  66. Alice says

    Hi there,

    Will 1/2 cup of blended tapioca pearls/balls make 1/2 cup of tapioca flour?

    I don’t have the tapioca in the flour form.

    And how much Ghee should you put in the recipe?


  67. says

    I think I love you. I’m Indian too and just started my paleo journey because my husband wanted to try it out. I’m a holistic health coach so have always been curious about it. But I miss my naans and puri and rice as well. THIS would be perfect for any indian curry. Thank you x

  68. says

    Just tried this one! OMG – it’s soooooo good! Make sure to have a major non stick pan, as I tried it in a stainless steel one and it stuck real bad, but on my non stick it was amaze balls! Kids, husband & I are addicted – yew!!!

  69. Shelley says

    I’ve made this recipe so many times now. Always a hit. Last night I decided to try it out for tostadas. Cooked them in the pan like normal then threw them into the oven at 350 on a baking stone for about 15-20 mins. Perfect tostadas! My next attempt I’m going to try them as chips. :)

  70. says

    Brilliant recipe! I had sorghum flour that needed to be used so I tried it, perfect texture. I will try almond flour next, and use if for pizza crust, samosas and turnovers.

  71. Callifax says

    This is a great recipe – the consistency after being cooked is absolutely perfect. Just FYI, I have tried substituting other flours into this recipe, but the tapioca and almond flour combination works the best by far. I have substituted regular milk for coconut milk on many occasions and that’s worked just fine. :)

  72. Rohini says

    This is hands down the BEST paleo naan recipe!!! It has honestly given me a glimmer of hope that there are delicious paleo “bread” recipes. I tried making it last week, and I have been bragging to everyone to try it ever since. A friend of mine was fasting for Passover and he was floored that he could eat it! I even made crepes with the recipe by adding just a bit more coconut milk as well. My husband and I loved it!! Thanks MyHeartBeets!! You’ve made our family very happy! :)

  73. Sara says

    Would love to try these, but we’ve got nut allergy in the house! Can I use arrowroot instead of almond flour? And would it be the same measurement? Thanks! :)

  74. farah says

    can i substitute the flour for gluten free all purpose flour or gluten free bread flour? I don’t have tapioca or almond flours separately. thanks.

  75. Jeanie says

    These are amazing! LOVE them! I too have craved naan bread. They are delicious, super-easy and very filling/satisfying, yet they don’t make you feel heavy inside like most bread does- instead you feel good! Will no doubt be a staple of my diet.
    HOWEVER mine are not turning like they should – they do not rise and, while crispy on the outside, they are completely flat, plus doughy/uncooked -like on the inside. Any suggestions to make them rise? (I tried adding baking soda – DON’T try it – it tastes awful and doesn’t work.) I’ve made them 4 times – trying low heat, yet they are completely flat. My batter is very thick and I have to spread it – is this normal? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • says

      Jeanie, maybe you can try lowering the heat once the outside becomes crispy – that way you can cook it for a longer period of time and allow the middle of the bread to cook all the way through. Every stove is different so cooking times vary. I hope this helps!

  76. Noor says

    I just made these. They are so Yummy!!! I think they taste exactly like Shan Parathas. Thank you so much for this recipe.

  77. says

    I made this and it was absolutely delicious , I used almond meal and low fat coconut milk (which is what I had in my pantry) My husband said “I would choose this over a wheat naan anytime!” success! I will make it with the actual ingredients next time, I’m sure it will be even better. Thank you so much for posting this!

  78. Katherine says

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I grew up eating Indian food because my best friend’s family was born and raised in India and I so miss Naan. Can’t wait to give this a try…and check out your curry recipies because I am a bit hopeless at cooking Indian food. : )

    • says

      Katherine, hope you love the naan and definitely try out the curry dishes! I try to make the directions super easy to follow so hopefully that’ll help :) Let me know what you think!

  79. Kristin W. says

    Made these last night to scoop up sloppy joe filling and they were amazing, my family loved them. My kids asked if we could have leftovers tonight….sure sign of a great recipe! Used the leftover naan this morning to make breakfast burritos with eggs, sausage and salsa verde….amazing!

    • says

      Kristin, I love sloppy joes! So happy to hear that you all loved the recipe and that your kids wanted leftovers! Hope you’ll find plenty of good uses for the naan :) Let me know if you try out any other recipes!

  80. Fatima says

    Quick question, Can I sub the the tapioca flour with sorghum. I have almond flour but no tapioca flour on hand. I want to try this today. Looks so good 😀

  81. Lisa Gray says

    Loved these. I made my first “sandwich” in a year. Thank you because I was getting bored of cucumber bread. LOL.

  82. Fiona says

    Love to cook, try very hard to make healthy dietary choices. Came across your recipe for above, BAM!!! Out of the park!! Love, love, love!!! Thank you! FYI, I’ve never posted on a blog, so unsure if you will receive.

    • says

      Fiona, thank you! I love that you took the time to leave me a comment, I so appreciate it! Hope you’ll let me know how any other recipes turn out for you!

  83. violette says

    I made this naan today to go with my curried chicken. INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  84. Joy says


    wow, your paleo nan looks amazing and so easy to make! I am a paleo athlete so i need to count calories, fat, carbs and protein,,, do you know what that nutritional info is for one nan….



  85. Jolene says

    I love❤️❤️❤️❤️ this bread!!! I am on a diet and have been craving bread so bad! This tastes incredible! I had to change a few things bc I didn’t have them, I used arrowroot flour instead of tapioca and Greek yogurt instead of coconut milk. It came out awesome!!! Just used it as an English muffin for my eggs and I am so making tacos tonight! I love this recipe!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!!

  86. Jennifer says

    I just made these tonight and they are incredible. I did not expect them to taste as good as they did and I really felt like I was breaking some serious rules. I sauteed some ground beef and topped it with some caramelized onions and piled that on top of then naan. YUM! Thank you so much for the delicious recipe!

  87. Emily says

    What did I do wrong, TWICE?! I mixed 1/2 c almond flour, 1/2 c tapioca flour & 1 c coconut milk. Heated 8″ pan with coconut oil & put a thin layer batter in. I waited & waited (first time @ 3-4 mins & second time @ – both times got a glue glib that I couldn’t get a spatula under to flip. This was a huge expensive naan FAIL! :(

    • says

      Emily, it could be that the naan was too thick and not cooking properly. I suggested using a 9.5 inch pan in the recipe so your 8inch may be too small. You can try a larger pan and pouring smaller amounts of batter and see if that works for you. I’m also not sure what type of pan you are using – I use eco-friendly nonstick.

  88. says

    I just tried this with ¾ cup almond milk and ¼ cup melted butter in place of the coconut milk. It turned out great! Thank you for sharing.

  89. Barbara says

    I am loving this recipe. So simple and so versatile. I’ve made dessert naan with chocolate chips and nuts, and also savory breakfast naan with bacon and a little cheese. So delicious. I am going to try it as a tortilla for tacos, too. Thank you for this recipe.

  90. Barb says

    When ever I use tapioca flour it turns rubbery what am I doing wrong?
    Could I use arrow root instead?

  91. Gayle says

    I am munching on these as I type, made them for the first time today and I just had to comment straight away -wow! They are amazing! Thanks so much for this recipe. The chewy texture reminds me of the parathas I ate while in India! yuuuum

  92. Mimi Hildebrandt says

    I’ve been making these every week ever since I found your recipe (in Montana). And now I’m spreading the love in Texas with my daughter and several of her Crossfit and Paleo friends! Thank you so much for this recipe! Love it for chicken or beef tacos, and with Nikkis Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie coconut butter and Artisana Cacao Bliss. (Similar but different taste and texture). Love love love your Naan!

    • says

      Hi Mimi, so happy to hear that you love the naan! Thank you so much for the lovely comment – and also for sharing my website with your daughter and her friends – I really appreciate it! I’ll have to try that hazelnut brownie coconut butter, it sounds incredible :)

  93. Kimberly says

    I just made this naan this morning using the recipe as listed. Boy, was it tasty! Chewy, golden brown deliciousness slathered in coconut ghee…

    I will use this often, especially for a burger wrap!

  94. Bay says

    These crashed me majorly – like an IV of sugar! Caveat emptor, if you’re hypoglycemic – tapioca and arrowroot starches are 100% carb – no fat no protein… 26g carb per 1/4 c and 28g carb per 1/4 c, respectively. Personally can’t hack it. Would love suggestions for a truly low carb alternative. Coconut flour was a fail.

  95. Amy says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I tried this out with coconut flour (because we didn’t have any almond flour and I REALLY wanted some). Here’s what worked for me.

    ⅓ c tapioca flour (38 g)
    ⅓ c coconut flour (38 g)
    ¼ t salt
    1 c full fat coconut milk
    1 egg, warmed to room temp
    4 t coconut oil

    I was going for thick tortillas rather than naan, so I used 3 T batter for each one and spread it out to a 6-in circle. These proportions made 8 tortillas.

    I had to turn the temp. down from medium to medium low, because they were getting a little too brown and crisp before they cooked through, but once I did that, they were FABULOUS. Even my hubby–who usually prefers to skip the bread rather than eat my grain-free experiments–said it was a winner!

  96. Sharon Oz says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve made this a couple of times to make samosas and then experimented and made spring rolls with it too! Oven baked them and love them. This time I actually had some batter left with no fillings left, so I thought ‘I’ll try it as the naan bread’. I honestly don’t remember what naan tastes like (too many years since I was diagnosed with CD), although I remember I loved it with curries! I used it as a wrap with paleo crumbed chicken strip, lettuce, tomato, onion and topped with paleo hummus (made with roasted cauliflower). You (and your mother) are awesome!! LOL now making another batch to go with the curry I’m now planning for tonight’s dinner!

  97. says

    I found this recipe during my Whole 30 and have been dying to try this since I finished- made it last night with the Paleo Butter Chicken and it was delicious!! I added minced garlic to mine and although it took about 20 min for one big naan, was totally worth the wait. Even better microwaved today with leftovers! Definitely need to try the samosas and empanadas next :) Only complaint is that the edges were a bit burnt/crispy but the middle was great- probably due to my pan being too big! Still delish, and the non-paleo boyfriend agrees :) What other filling ideas do you guys have??

  98. Nicole says

    I have tried this recipe a couple of times, and I am having no luck! I’m roughly 127% sure it’s user error, and that I’m not waiting long enough to flip them. Any chance you would consider a tutorial video on this? Thank you so much for this site; everything I’ve made thus far has been ridiculously good!

  99. Phyllis says

    My mouth is watering. You said to slather on the Ghee. Immediately my crazy brain went to the idea of mixing ghee and raw Honey and slathering that. HMM-HMM, good.

  100. Steph says

    I just made this for the first time – yum! So exciting cause I’ve really missed bread. I didn’t have tapioca flour so used 1/4 cup each of potato starch and arrowroot flour. Also I added an egg to help hold it together. The egg and coconut milk totalled 1 cup. Worked great!! Thanks so much 😀

  101. Jes says

    Hi, I made these to go with our curry we had for dinner last night and they are amazing! We definitely a hit with the hubby, and my 4 yr old loves anything that even slightly resembles bread. They were crispy n delicious and I could eat my curry with it. The only downfall is how l9ng eat takes to cook, I am a very impatient person but these were the wait. Cant wait to try more things with this recipe, thanx

  102. Stephanie Heenan-Orr says

    Sorry if this question has alteady been asked, but our family doesn’t use non-stick pans…do you have any suggestions as what we should grease our pans with, in this case? We use cast iron and stainless steel, and I have butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil on hand. Thanks! Can’t wait to try these!!

  103. says

    Unfortunately these did not turn out magical for me :( They kept turning out thin, still wet and doughy inside, so I tried on low heat for a longer time with less batter (using a 8.5 inch bottom measurement pan) on even lower heat for a longer time and they still didn’t work,not fluffing up at all. They tasted ok and I suppose they held together, just had a really awful and unappetizing texture! Might try with a different brand of tapioca flour, but the results with bob’s were so discouraging I’m not really sure if another kind would make a difference.

    • says

      Hi K, I’m surprised to hear that Bob’s Red Mill didn’t work out for you. If it’s still gooey in the middle, just throw the bread in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Doing so will get the edges crispy – it’ll be good! Let me know if you try this and how it turns out for you.

  104. Anjelina says

    What a fantastic and easy recipe.
    Exactly what is expected and it tastes great!
    Best plaeo bread recipe ever

  105. Kim N says

    Ashley… The BEST Paleo Naan! OK, I used the recipe for a substitute for flour tortillas. Thank you so very much! The possibilities, wow! Like you said, you must use the exact same brand ingredients. I use the great ingredients I had on hand and had the same results as Preeti. Use the right ingredients… perfect and delicious.

  106. Deuce says

    I’ve made these a few times now so wanted to post a quick tip I learned the hard way. I used a different brand of coconut milk from last time and these came out really thin and runny. The brand I used was Goya and although it said “milk” it was more like “water.” Normally I use the Asian canned milk and they turn out great. Normally these are awesome and give us the fix we need to get thru clean living. I’ve also used them as pizza crusts! Just cooked them a little longer to make it extra crispy and then throw on homemade pizza sauce and toppings. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

    • Paparazzi says

      Good to know about the milk, and what Lesa said as well. I made them for the first time this evening and used a different brand of coconut milk than normal (I usually use the Thai Kitchen or 365) and they were running and doughy. I will work on these two suggestions for the next time. They still had a good flavor, I just know the hubs won’t eat them doughy. Thanks for all the tips everyone!

  107. jillian says

    WOW! no wonder i had to scroll down for so long to comment! admittedly skeptical with just 3 ingred. i made them anyway and delicious! thank you so much. being allergic to eggs and not inclined to try to make involved breads often this is the answer for wraps, quesadillas, even for enchiladas. not to mention i kept pining over the idea of crepes. tonight i get pizza! and i will make all of the other items as well. so grateful!

  108. Shellie says

    THANK YOU so much for this awesome Naan recipe! I made it last night to accompany the Butter Chicken (also AMAZING) and everyone loved it all! Both recipes will be going into the regular rotation to be made again and again and again! My naan was little chewy and stretchy at first, but I made it about an hour before dinner, so I crisped it up in the toaster oven just before serving and it was PERFECT!

    • Kiwi says

      Good idea – as I am by myself have frozen the left overs (hopefully this experiment will work, but not an expensive disaster if it doesn’t!). Have missed my naan soooooo much (one can buy it gluten free off the shelf in UK) hate the hassle of breadmaking so this made my day as I had all the ingredients to hand. Also a lover of Indian, Mexican, Italian – well everything really, so am thrilled that my life down here in Godzone has becaome a little bit better now I have found your site as celiacs are not well catered for as opposed to UK. But also am lucky to have a Fijiian-Indian store round the corner which has every sort of bulk bin flour one could imagine. And oh! – the aroma of the spices.

  109. Nathalie says

    Saw this on FB yesterday and proceeded to stall dinner just to make these! Even though my first attempt was mediocre at best, there was not a crumb left!

    I mistakenly bought THAI Kitchen Lite coconut milk but went ahead anyhow. They were very runny and I had trouble regulating the right heat with my cast iron pan… I tried different oils, and two different sized pans… they still came out sticky in the middle but so incredibly DELICIOUS! My tapioca flour is from the Bulk Barn, so I will try another brand with full fat cocomilk later. I had to keep reheating them to keep them crispy. I think these would make great tortilla substitues as well. I will keep trying :)

    Thanks for the recipe and all the comments. Got a ton of great tips from above.

  110. Drew says

    Great stuff.

    Made some this am for my family. Crepe like, stuffed with egg & bacon and the others stuffed with strawberries, bananas and nutella (shhhh, I know I know, by my kids love it)

    Anyway, thanks for the great idea. Now the fun part begins

  111. Ivana Mann, says

    According to researchers very few people are actually allergic to gluten. For those few though this is a good website. That one guy above who is on Atkins diet and thinks this is great, it may taste great but not ever qualify for the Atkins diet, as this has a zillion carbs. I make this with tapioca flour and love it!

  112. Jessica says

    My boyfriend and I just made this along with your butter chicken recipe. You weren’t kidding about it being restaurant quality! When I saw how creamy and rich the sauce for the chicken was, I thought there was no way I was going to be able to fully enjoy it without a generous helping of basmati rice to pour it over. This naan was the perfect chewy companion to sop it all up though. We’re absolutely stuffed and and will definitely be making this again! Thanks for your foolproof directions!

  113. Sheila says


    Thank you for sharing and going the utube video. Your passion for what you cook shines through.

    BTW my very supportive other half doesn’t have food allergies and he’s really enjoying this and the paratha!

    Thanks Ashley for your generosity!

  114. Aryana says

    We love this paleo naan. For me the trick is you need to let it cook for quite awhile before you flip it. It takes some practice but once I figured it out it’s been an amazing addition to our meals. We had crepes last Sunday using this recipe. And the weekend before that we used it to make empanadas. This week I used it to make pizza. It’s been a hit with my hubby and friends. Thanks so much Ashley. For this half Venezuela half Pakistani couple this is truly a Godsend! it’s hard giving up some of the foods we eat as part of the culture, so having this paleo naan as an option is amazing. We love many of your recipes. Please keep them coming. It keeps both of us connected to our cultures yet allows us to eat and live a paleo lifestyle. Wahoowa!

  115. Mercy says

    wow…so many comments! Ashley, this nan recipe it’s got to be good! I plan to make it this weekend to go along with your chicken (subbing it with paneer) butter recipe. I will follow your nan recipe o the dot, all I want to know is, approx. how many nan will I get, I know is about size and thickness…but any idea? I’ll making diner for 4 but we are all big eaters! Thanks!

    • says

      Awesome! If you make small naans (1/4 cup batter each), you can get 5-6 out of the batter. If there are 4 of you, I’d probably double the recipe. I hope that helps :) Let me know how it all turns out!

  116. Phoenix says

    Wow. Made these, but used an entire can of coconut milk (13.8 oz. approx., a little over 1.5 cups), so I added an extra half portion of the flours, plus a tablespoon of coconut flour because it was still a little runny. It cooked up and looks, smells and tastes like the real thing. Grass-fed butter put it over the top. Thank you!

  117. says

    Help – Ashley – I SO want this to work, but like some others, mine turned out oily and doughy in the middle, even though they look perfect on the outside. I will try some of the suggestions here, but any suggestions are welcome! I am using Bob’s tapioca flour, honeyville almond flour and full-fat coconut milk from whole foods on a 91/2 inch heavy nonstick pan (ceramic). I have them in the oven now to see if I can make them edible.

  118. zbritalia says

    Hi Ashley! I’m looking for a paleo, egg-free pumpkin pancake recipe. I’ve only found ones with egg or a million odd ingredients or which turned out to be a disaster. I absolutely love your super-simple, 3-ingredient naan – use it all the time for everything from pizza to tacos to apple turnovers :)

    So I was hoping that you – in your genius – could recommend a way to incorporate pumpkin into this naan base or to suggest something similar. I’d like it if it incorporated a good proportion of pumpkin, but beggars can’t be choosers eh?

    Thanks for your marvelous, unique recipes!
    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  119. Rich says

    Would you be able to provide any nutritional info on this? Ie- does it have much protein or calories? Thanks for your effort, reading this site is a pleasure.

  120. Jennifer says

    Words cannot describe how happy this recipe has made me. Made it last night with some chole and it was perfection. I did have to add a bit more tapioca flour and almond flour (which I subsequently ran out of and substituted millet flour with) than the recipe calls for, but they turned out so great. I think I am going to make large batches of these to have on hand for when I really want a piece of bread but want to avoid the gluten.

    Thank you!!!

  121. Shona says

    Help- I just made these and what a disaster- turned into a globby mess that wouldnt come away from pan. Used all the ingredients as listed and coconut oil for the pan. So disappointed.

  122. Nicole B. says

    OMG, I have to tell you, I JUST stumbled onto your blog after searching for a way to cook goat meat. When I visited India a couple years ago, I learned to make this incredible green goat curry, but could not for the life of me remember how they cooked it in the pressure cooker. (which I never learned how to cook in anyways) So I first wanted to thank you for posting how to cook this in a crock pot! (which I definitely learned how to cook in). Secondly, I am so very grateful to have stumbled upon traditional Indian cooking that is Paleo friendly. I’m paleo / vegan because of a dairy allergy, and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to pass up the food I LOVE, such as Indian cooking, because of my allergy / lifestyle change. So again, thank you, you’re site will be one I most likely visit far more often than any other!!!

  123. says

    Thank you so very much for sharing this amazing recipe. My husband does not follow Paleo and has stated that this is indeed his favorite recipe. We both loved it. I tried adding minced garlic but the garlic taste didn’t really come through. How much garlic should be added to achieve a garlic taste? This was so easy to make and super duper yummy. Never a dull moment with Paleo thanks to your recipes,

  124. Razel says

    I’ve made this paleo naan a few times, and we are wondering the nutrition breakdown. What is the carbohydrate breakdown?

  125. Linda says

    Made this last night with garbonzo bean flour instead of almond flour–it was good. Made this today with almond flour–it was awesome. I’m not familiar with Tapioca flour but it gave a super doughy texture. Even though I keep cooking over the suggested time, I still felt like I didn’t cook it all the way through.

    • says

      Hi Linda! I’m glad to hear you like the bread. Depending on your pan/stove, it can definitely take longer to cook through. As long as it isn’t “gooey” inside, it should be fine. You can also finish it in the oven if you’re worried it’s still not cooked through – see my Paleo Naan FAQ :)

  126. Michelle says

    This recipe is so versatile and so easy! I just made myself a turkey sandwich for lunch using this naan as “bread”; I sub’d sunflower seed flour for the almond as we have nut allergies in our household, and it is life-changing awesome for me! I don’t think I’ll be going back to the old stuff. Thank you again and again.

  127. says

    I just made this and wow, yummo!!! Finally I can eat bread again and enjoy it since going gluten free and dairy free a year ago!!! THANKS FOR THIS AWESWOME RECIPE!!

  128. Michelle says

    Is Tapioca starch same as tapioca flour? I used starch and it was sticky gooey on inside and droopy. Is that because I should use flour vs starch? It was still good just not as good looking as your pictures. Thank you!

  129. Bec Lowe says

    These are amazing! Used arrowroot flour instead of tapioca. Even my husband, who always sticks his nose up at my gluten free recipe attempts, really likes them. Thank you!

  130. Janet Smith says

    I just made these for the first time. I love naan bread but I am going paleo. They turned out very well, look great. But they are still limp and kind of dampy feel to the touch. They are definitely cooked long enough. what is wrong if anything? Also how do I store them.? I made several smaller ones wit a small ladle kind o like sall pancakes.

    • says

      Hi Janet, I would suggest reading through this Paleo Naan FAQ post that I’ve put together to better help you troubleshoot. If you’re having trouble with getting the middle cooked through, you can always put them in the oven for 10 minutes at 350°F but if you do that, they’ll become slightly crisp. As for storing, you can freeze them in between sheets of parchment paper and then just re-heat them on a pan or in the oven.

  131. Jessica says

    Delicious!! Thank you so much for these! We are not paleo but have many food allergies so these are perfect! Mine looked just like crepes – maybe the batter was too thin? But the flavor was great!

  132. Maeghan says

    I think this recipe is absolutely wonderful! So simple, easy and delicious! I made them for the first time tonight and followed the recipe exactly. My only concern though is that they seemed a bit gummy. They seemed dry and cooked in the pan and were browning in spots, but after they sat on a plate for a couple minutes they seemed to go a bit soggy. Do I just need to cook them a bit longer on a lower heat? I will definitely be making them again, I love that you can make them sweet or savoury.. the options are endless!!

  133. Erin says

    Hi, just tried making these and I used what they call ‘almond meal’ here in Australia but checked with the online definitions and what I used is almond flour. However, when these were done being cooked, they still seemed ‘gluey’ on the inside. Is this normal or do I need change something? I can get the Bob’s Redmill almond flour/meal but it’s crazy expensive.


    • says

      Erin, I hope our brilliant chef does not mind answering you.

      After I made my Naan on the stove in the pan…I put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. It comes out not gooey and has a nice crunch. Naan bread is always put in the oven to bake a little. Hope that helps!

  134. sam says

    does it have to be canned coconut milk? will So Delicious coconut milk not work for this? im a paleo newbie only been at it for a month so im still learning all the differences in ingredients :)
    thanks in advance

  135. mimi says

    I made this last night for my husband he loved it!! I bought Arrow Root vs Tapioca. They taste amazing!! Thank you so much!

  136. says

    Thank you SO much!!!! I am so glad I ran across your blog. My youngest daughter is allergic to wheat. She used to live on Naan bread. After she was diagnosed…it was not longer allowed in her diet. Until, NOW. I made her some today and she LOVED it. I also made her a pizza. You are brilliant!

  137. Little Old Me says

    We just tried these, and they are AWESOME! I can’t believe we created such a delightful bread with so few ingredients (and no eggs!!!). Thank you heaps for your recipe.

    P.S. We also made your Pecan Pie Cookies (I think that’s the name) today and they are truly delightful. Truly appreciate your site, and will be looking around some more!

  138. djsunyc says

    my girlfriend is celiac (and allergic to white rice flour) so we’ve tried so many different bread recipes for her but i must say that this was not only the easiest, but probably the best. this recipe has single handedly changed the way i can cook for her now.

    since i’m a bit anal, i figure i would share some details on how i prep it in case anyone is having issues.

    – i use bob’s red mill tapioca flour (which is the same as tapioca starch).
    – i use trader joe’s almond meal (it not as fine as almond flour)
    – i made this twice with 2 different cans of coconut milk from my super market. both were spanish companies (one was iberia and i forgot the other one but definitely a no-name smaller brand) and both were on sale for .99 cents

    i have an electric stove so i put the setting to between 4 and 5 (my stove goes from lo-2-3-……-8-9-hi).

    before mixing the coconut milk with the dry ingredients, i mixed up the milk with a fork to make sure the pulp and liquid are all combined. i mixed the batter and poured in a 1/4 cup to a non stick pan (with no butter or oil) just like ashley says to do.

    first time i made it, the stove was on setting 4 and it took about 4 mins on the first side and 3 mins on the second. it was a bit light on the crisp factor and color but was still cooked through. the second time i made it, i increased the heat to 5 and it gave me the nice crisp bread with darker marks and tasted even better – almost like a chapati. this took about 3 mins on the first side and then 2 mins on the second. but like ashley said, all stoves are different so this will require some experimentation.

    the first time i made it, the batter was not runny but not thick either. the second time, the batter was slightly thicker. when i cooked them both times, while cooking the first side, the top was still moist but solid when i flipped them. nothing was running off.

    the amounts in the recipe made about four 6-7 inch slices.

    some thoughts – again, this is a tremendous recipe. since i used almond meal and not finer almond flour, the color of the bread was a bit more greyish in color. i suspect a finer almond flour will give it a more yellowish/brown color. but the taste was still great.

    if you let it sit for a little bit, it will get soggy/limp. i just popped it back in my toaster oven (on a low toast setting) and it crisped it right back up. i was eating these things plain and they were still great. the texture and stretchiness mimicking real naan bread still blows my mind.

    i used this for an empanda like the other recipe on this site and my girlfriend liked them…alot. (i made my own filling so i can’t comment on ashley’s recipe). i mean this really opens up an entire world of stuff – i can’t say enough how blown away i am with this recipe. i’m already planning some apple pie pockets, pizza pockets and a calzone.

    good luck everyone in their attempts but for me, this is a thumbs up 5 star recipe b/c of not only how easy it is to make it, but the taste and texture.

    thanks ashley.

    • says

      Wow, that is great! I’m so glad you and your girlfriend like this recipe :) And thanks so much for including all of these tips – I’m sure readers will find them really helpful!

  139. Jenny Bell says

    This turned out amazing. I added garlic powder to mine, in hopes that it would taste similar to the garlic naan at our local Indian Restaurant. O.M.G. This turned out soooooo much better than them. I am impressed.

    I used Bob’s red mill almond flour and tapioca flour. I also used a cast iron skillet, which I think makes a difference.

  140. says

    Anyone considering making this NEEDS to give it a try. I live in China and only had quick access to sweet potato starch and whole almonds in my pantry. I was so eager to give it a shot that I literally busted out my pestle and mortar to make the closest thing I could to almond flour. Because I wasn’t using tapioca, I needed a binder, so I used one egg yolk beat into my measuring cup and topped it off with coconut milk until it hit one cup. On the side of some green curry meatballs, this was perfect, even with the grainy texture of the almond. No eggy taste. I’ve ordered some almond and tapioca flour and can’t wait to give your original recipe a shot!! Thanks for the innovative recipe!

  141. K says

    I love the recipe, I can’t wait to try it. I usually steer away from tapioca flour recipes but this sounds worth it!

    I hate hate hate hate the stupid “subscribe to my email list!” pop-up. Whenever I see those, that means I will absolutely not follow/subscribe/etc. the website I see them on.

    • says

      Great, hope you like it! As for the subscriber pop-up, I’ve noticed that a lot more people DO subscribe when I have it up and since I provide a free service that helps people, I don’t have plans to remove it at this time. I think it does more good than harm. You certainly don’t have to subscribe though!

  142. Weasel Fields says

    This is the best paleo bread that I have made and tasted. However, being that I am strictly counting calories, I will now try it with lite coconut milk and see how it compares.

  143. Sherry says

    I am not sure how these are carb friendly, tapioco flour/starch has 28 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup, this recipe asks for 1/2 cup and makes 4 pieces of bread… that is 14grams of carbs per piece Am I missing something?

  144. Charlene says

    I am very new to anything Paleo (I actually googled it) and I just tried these For dinner with your Butter Chicken. It was the first time I tried to cook Indian from scratch and found it easy quick and much more tasty than what you get out of a bottle. Yum yum new favourite.

  145. Chanda says

    I’m sure you get asked about substitutions a lot, but… I couldn’t find much about flax meal in the comments! I’m trying to eat a very low-carb, ketogenic diet. Looking at the tapioca flour, it has 26 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup, which is way too much for me. Is it possible to substitute finely ground flax meal for the tapioca? I imagine it would be a nuttier tasting naan, but I’m okay with that. I could also add a little baking powder for rise (I do this for one minute mug muffins). I also don’t mind adding an egg, if necessary. What do you think?

    • Chanda says

      I decided to go ahead and just try it with the flax meal. And I didn’t have any full-fat coconut milk, so I used what I had on hand, which was Silk Almond Coconut milk, unsweetened. I also added a teaspoon of baking powder to help the dough puff a bit.

      It held together well. It looked like naan, albeit a bit darker due to the flax meal, and not quite as puffy-bubbly. It was a bit gooey in the middle, even though the outsides were well-cooked, but I fixed that easily by putting it into the microwave for a minute. I think that would help any gooeyness with the regular recipe that I saw other people commenting about.

      So, the taste? Ehhh… You better really like flax meal. I didn’t add any salt to the dough, so I slathered it in butter and sprinkled some salt on top. It might have been good if I had been eating it dipped into a curry sauce, but I’ll be honest; I don’t think I’ll make it that way, again. I think I’d prefer to bite the carb bullet and go with the tapioca flour. Is it really a lot closer in flavor to regular naan?

      Otherwise, I might try getting some of Bob’s Red Mill low carb bread mix and doing it that way. It’s not paleo, but at least it would be low carb enough.

  146. Sabrina says

    This recipe was pretty good, but I found the flavor to be too coconutty. My son, who is not a fan of coconut, tried a bite and said that he would eat it if I could cover up the coconut taste. I added a pressed clove of garlic, which really improved the taste but still wasn’t enough to fully mask the coconut smell. Having said that, I really enjoyed eating a wrap (after years) using this recipe. My filling was buffalo chicken, birds eye chillies, cilantro and red onion. It tasted great and held up really well!

    Here are some recommendations:
    1. Make sure your pan is really hot before you begin. Pour the batter and then turn down the heat.
    2. Press two cloves of garlic into the batter
    3. Use only 3/4 cup coconut milk. An entire cup made the batter too thin.

    Thank you for a great recipe that we will definitely be using often!

  147. Judy says

    Mine is still cooking in my cast iron skillet and looks amazing. It would’ve been helpful to have a time estimate because I don’t have a clue! What is it supposed to look like on the inside when it’s done?

  148. says

    this recipe is pure genius! I’ve been cooking and baking for many, many years, and I can usually figure out a pretty reasonable facsimile of what a written recipe will taste like once I read it — but this had me stumped! even though most paleo breads I’ve eaten (till now) have been uniformly awful, I *had* to try this recipe out of curiosity. I am SO GLAD I did; it’s delicious! I figured even if it wasn’t very good, I’d slather it with grassfed butter and all would be okay — well, I. FORGOT. TO. BUTTER. IT! and I didn’t even notice! nor did my housemates; it was that delicious. thank you so much! I’m about to go grab another half piece to butter. I wouldn’t do that with *any* other paleo bread recipe.

    I can’t wait to waffle it!

    • says

      Wow, thanks Diane! :) The fact that you forgot to butter it and didn’t notice… might just be the best compliment I’ve ever received about this naan, lol. They’re realllly good as waffles – nice and crispy!

  149. soso says

    great but tapioca has alot of carbs and this was suppose to be low carbs. i was looking for the nutritional value…. maybe changing this to ground outmeal, flax seed meal and then coconut milk .. because if im going to go with something with carbs might as well have it passs through then keep in my fatty tissue

  150. Judy says

    I cooked it on the stove in my iron skillet for nearly an hour and finally took it off because even though I had it turned on low, it was burning in spots; yet still it wasn’t completely done. Can this be successfully baked in the oven and if so, for how long?

  151. Jennifer says

    This recipe is amazing! I made it and topped it with caramelized onions for lunch today–so good! Thanks for the recipe!

  152. Jas says

    Thanks Ashley for the awesome recipes.
    I am from India and following Paleo diet but the problem is that I have hypothyroid as well. I prefer coconut flour as compare to almond flour. Can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour for naan and cookies?
    I loved your Kanji recipe as well. Please upload more recipes for Indian fermented foods.

    • says

      Jas, glad you found my site! Unfortunately, you can’t use coconut flour as a substitute for almond flour because coconut flour is very unique and requires a lot of liquid. I have been working on a coconut flour flatbread and will hopefully be able to share it soon! I also plan on adding more fermented recipes :)

      • Noel says

        I wonder, what you can replace almond flour with? DS is allergic is all nuts as well, so all nuts are out of our pantry.

  153. Al says

    Thank you for the recipe! I was missing having tabbouleh and pita and your Naan bread recipe is the perfect companion for the tabbouleh.

  154. Cari says

    WE LOVE THESE!!! My husband reacts to almonds so I sub coconut flour with huge success! Thanks for your wonderful authentic recipes Ashley!

  155. Janelle says

    Just made these to use as pizza crusts. I didn’t have any coconut milk, so I improvised. I cannot guarantee exact amounts as I did not measure everytime. I used approximately 3/4 cup tapioca flour, 3/4 cup almond flour, 3/4 cup almond milk, 4 tsp melted coconut oil, and 1 tsp. coconut flour.
    They were delicious!! The middle was goo-ey with crunchy sides. They were a little too oily, so I did have to wipe down the pan with a paper towel between each naan attempt. The middle was a little too goo-ey for pizza crusts, as I don’t think I left them in the oven long enough.
    Just starting following you and will definitely be attempting more recipes in the future :)

  156. says

    For some time now, our food co-op has had only low-fat coconut milk available, so I’ve tried making this naan with it, and it has worked fabulously. Can you explain gently why we should use only the full-fat kind, please? I have made it several times already (I seem to keep eating it up! It works so well for how I like to eat) and am experimenting with other flours, spices, flavors, and such. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Ruth, I’ve heard from some readers that they’ve had trouble with thin coconut milk, but I’ve never tried it myself. I’m glad to hear that it works well for you :)

  157. says

    Made these last night as a pita bread replacement to have with hummus. They were so yummy! I love how easy they are! I didn’t have any full fat coconut milk, but the light stuff from Trader Joes worked well. They were a bit sticky, but I figured out that I just needed to cook them longer. I made them on my electric griddle so I could make 6 small ones at one time. I think I may toss them in the oven for a while to finish the cooking process next time.

    Off to have leftovers with a bit of cream cheese and blueberry compote for breakfast! :)

  158. Eva says

    I made this with arrowroot instead of tapioca flour and was great. It was a little in the bits that weren’t cooked as much but I was in a hurry as the rest of my curry was getting cold haha.
    I loved it, my partner who is a bit iffy about Paleo loved them too. Will definitely use this recipe again!

  159. Iflana says

    So, there was a lot of people bickering about nut allergies… but unless I missed it nobody actually offered a solution past coconut flour not being an option. For those of us who can’t use almond flour, what can we use instead? Anyone?

  160. Raseel says

    I love the flavour and texture of these naan!! all the goodness without the hassles of yeast and waiting! Delicious!!

  161. Airyfairycelt says

    Thank you very much for this versatile recipe! I love all the things I can make, quickly, and easily. My kind of cookery if I can get away with it!
    The comments are really helpful too and I thank all the amazing contributors and it set me to wondering if those clever and helpful people also got their thank you. So I thank you all!

  162. Lisa says

    Made these today and my parents ( mom is celiac, dad and I are diabetic/gluten intolerant) raved about them. It was a little gooey, but the taste is fantastic. I need something to eat some leftover gyro meat and chicken schwarma. I then made some cream cheese/vanilla/brown sugar splenda mix and topped with sliced strawberries. We are in heaven! Started dreaming of all the things we can use these for.

    Thank you!!!

  163. Henna says

    Hi! Just found your website and it’s brilliant. But I’m unsure of what size your cups are? Any help on were I can buy cups like yours to measure out things, such as almond flour, would be great. I’m from the U.K, though. Thank you! Can’t wait to make these naan breads.

  164. Amy says

    Thank you for your lovely recipe :)

    We’ve tried the recipe twice, and closely followed the method, and also used the same brands of ingredients (I’ve checked the comments section) but it is too soft inside (sticky) on the inside. On the 1st time, we cooked it over medium heat, but it was sticky on the inside. The 2nd time, I turned the heat down low and cooked it for 30 mins, but it was still sticky.

    Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

    • says

      Amy, it definitely shouldn’t take 30 minutes. To speed up the cooking process, try putting the flatbreads it in the oven – bake them at 350 for 10 minutes or until cooked through inside. That should definitely help! Please let me know how this turns out for you!

  165. ferzana says

    Hi Ashley,

    I’ve made these a few times! They. Are. AWESOME!!!! Please can you tell me how to subsitute coconut flour for the tapioca flour?


  166. Debra says

    I cooked the Paleo Naan Bread recipe, it was so easy, and it did taste like the real deal. One of my favorite breakfast is Peanut Butter and I believe Ghee, Peanut Butter on the Naan bread, with French Roast coffee will hit the spot.

  167. Nichole says

    This is great! I made it to go along with the sloppy joe we had for dinner the other night! Was really good! I’m wondering why you haven’t made a pancake yet? Did I just miss it on the website? I saw the waffle recipe, but not a pancake one? Is there a reason? Thanks again for the great recipe!

  168. Mariam says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful, adaptable, easy recipe. I passed it to my mom who tried to just put the dough as large pancakes on a parchment-lined cookie sheet in the oven at 425 for 15 minutes (or 18 if you like it crispy) and it works great too!

      • Mariam says

        Straight onto the sheet! Then, depending on how long you leave it in the oven it will come soft and foldable (more like pita bread) or slightly more rigid and crispy on the borders. Delicious either way! She came up with this method because I didn’t have a non-stick pan for the stove.

  169. Christina says

    I was struck by the strong taste of coconut at first but what a perfect texture. They grew on me quickly, perfect to wrap around chicken. Awesome recipe! I want to try them with homemade thick cashew-macademia nut milk as that is the closest I have found in taste to full fat cow’s milk. Either way, I will make these again.

  170. joe says

    There is a definite coconut flavor here. So, I cannot see making a pizza dough with it. Anything sweet will come out very nice but savory…..not the best, not the worst. But the carbs are sky high for those who care.

  171. says

    I just wanted to let you know that I made the 3 ingredient naan tonight, as I have done plenty of times. Tonight though, I made it in my pizelle iron. Crispy little 35 calorie wonders of deliciousness! Amazing- thanks for the recipe.

    • says

      Becca, that sounds amazing!! Now I really want a pizelle iron so that I can try to make cannolis! AH thank you for sharing. Pretty sure a pizelle iron will be on my Christmas list this year.

  172. Amber H. says

    OK, So I wrote you two comments last night on the peach and prosciutto pizza recipe. I did more research on your blog and found this recipe and your FAQ blog and video on making this naan. So I tried to make that pizza crust a 3rd time. This time I made 3 crusts instead of the one big one (I have terrible frying pan flipping skills) and it turned out great! I baked them on a pizza stone and they were nice and crispy around the edges and a little (not too much) soft in the middle. THANK YOU for this recipe. I recently decided to go grain free and kinda paleo. I have been DYING for some kind of bread in my life to keep my from jumping overboard the sanity ship. I’m not vegan but I can’t stand all of the constant meat recipes I see on so many paleo meal plans and blogs. I’m a meat-less…er, less-meat paleo eater I guess. I’m trying your tahini freezer fudge right now and will be sure to let you know what I think once it is frozen.

  173. Rajkumar Chowhan says

    Ashley, you are a fraud. This is not “Paleo Naan”. It’s a pancake, that’s all.

    False advertizing. You haven’t invented anything.

    And you book is full of Indian Recipes which is naturally gluten-free and grain-free and you are fraudulently claiming they are all “Paleo”.

    Shame on you.

    — Raj.

  174. Tiffani says

    I just made these to make falafels and let me tell you, they were the best tortillas (or tortilla like food) I’ve made since we started our gluten free diet a year and a half ago! I do try to watch the carbs though and was sad to see the tapioca flour was packed with them. Is there a substitute I can use for it?

    Either way I’d like to give you a big thanks! This recipe is delicious!

  175. Barbara Adams says

    Is there a substitute for tapioca flour? I live in Ecuador and it is not available here. We do have almond flour.



  176. Lily says

    I must be living on another planet. I’ve had cardboard that tasted better than these. If this is all we can hope for in a bread substitute, I will never land my spaceship here again.

  177. says

    Loved the Paleo Naan after 6 weeks of no bread, rice or wheat! The texture and taste was fantastic! I doubled the batch and stored the left-over in the fridge. Next day cooked the rest of the recipe but it was gummy. It was great the first time so I guess I’ll just make it fresh each time. What a great addition to my Paleo diet! Thanks, Ashley!

  178. Alyssa Singh says


    Thank you so much for this recipe! I was shocked at how well it turned out. It made my husband and I very happy. :-)

  179. Yasmin says


    Was wondering if the paleo naan tastes like coconut ? I cannot handle the taste of coconut.
    Can the coconut milk be substituted with anything else ?


  180. Sandra Molinari says

    As I am writing this I am eating one of the paleo Naan that I just made.It is delicious! I was a bit skeptical, but now I am sold!!

  181. Lynn says

    This is a very tasty and easy to make. I have a suggestion regarding the recipe to help others that don’t watch the video. I think of coconut milk in a carton in the dairy aisle and not in a can. Please consider adding a note on the recipe that it’s coconut milk in a can.

  182. Thulasi says

    I tried this and it’s soo good. This is coming from someone who can’t cook at al. Easy enough not to screw up and yummy enough to keep making it. Thanks Ashley!

  183. Christina says

    I made these this evening. Loved them. I used brown rice flour in place of the almond flour. They were great. Since I am the only one eating them, I made a few plain, I added cinnamon to a couple, and crushed red pepper flakes to another. They were amazing as well. I definitely recommend anyone to try them.

  184. Priya says

    I accidentally used light coconut milk but it still worked out to be amazing! I will use full fat coconut milk next time. Thank you soo much! Just eating one is so filling. So easy to make and successful!

  185. Liz says

    These were awesome! And so very quick and easy. I followed the recipes exactly, and they came out perfectly. Thank you!

  186. Lulu says

    We’ve been paleo for so long that my 7 year old and my 5 year old didn’t know that it was called naan. After making it several times with great success, I realized they were calling it “nom”, like nom nom nom! Haha! Lol! It’s one of our faves! Thanks for all your great work!

  187. says

    Hey Ashley, thank you for a wonderful recipe that turned out perfectly and so deliciously. I was afraid the naan would be gummy from reading the reviews, and mine weren’t at all. I did cook the naan about 3-4 minutes per side on medium heat. The flavor was amazing, the texture a bit crispy and wonderfully chewy. My husband loved them, too! I tried to rate your recipe a 5, and no matter how many times I clicked on the 5th star, it wouldn’t take. Thanks again! You’re tremendous. (I’m not paleio, just allergic to wheat.)

  188. says

    I love this recipe and the resulting bread! I chose to substitute the almond meal with corn meal due to the cost of almonds this year. I used a very finely ground, white, organic corn meal and maybe an extra tablespoon of liquid to the batter. It is quite good. I’m sure it is not as smooth as it would be with the almond flour, but I like the texture. It rather reminds me of the texture of cream of wheat.

    I can see me making this almost daily, whether I have stew or curry to spoon up with it or not! Thank you so much for inventing this and sharing it so freely with all of us!

  189. Monique says

    Looks great, but I have to watch carb/starch intake and tapioca flour is the same as tapioca starch.
    Will try, but would never use a non-stick pan though!

  190. Tina says

    I have made this bread 3 times. The first time with almond flour and it was insanely delicious. I tried it 2 more times with coconut flour and have not figured it out. Today I got the consistency right but they are raw in the middle. I’m sticking with almond flour from now on. Great recipe!

  191. Bren says

    yummy! discovered that I had to use my very best eco pan to make the best naan! slow cooking on one of those, results in a thoroughly cooked (no gummy texture) delicious naan. thanks for this!

  192. Debra Boston says

    this is absolutely wonderful first time i made i didnt think so. I didnt read ingredients correctly.I added whole can of coconut as you can imagine had mess lol Im glad i tried again im loving it with homemade paleo approved nuttela yum


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